Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monsoon "Third Eye" [1983]

Where Indipop began and still one of the great experiments in East-West pop culture. The heart of the group was vocalist Sheila Chandra and the underrated men-in-the-shadows Steve Coe and Martin Smith on whatever instrument came to hand. Other musicians contributed color parts, including Paul James who found fame and glory with the European folk-dance ensembles Blowzabella and Scarp. Best known for their singles "Ever So Lonely" and "Shakti" Monsoon was a signpost to new space and the launch pad of its three major players. An important album, it had its flaws but it was the first in its field. [ review]

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Track List:

Side A'
Wings Of The Dawn [Prem Kavita]
Tomorrow Never Knows
Third Eye And Tikka T.V
Shakti [The Meaning Of Within]

Side B'
Ever So Lonely
You Can't Take Me With You
And I You
Watchers Of The Night

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  1. holaaaa people of stayfree
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  2. This took me back in time, So Lonely is such a fantastic track. Thanks for that. GOD I FEEL SO OLD!

  3. Thanks , will have to look for their other releases now .....