Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aphrodite's Child : It' s Five o' clock 1970

Greek band formed in the late '60s by :
Vangelis Papathanassiou : Keybords ( OSCAR for the soundtrack "Chariots of fire" ) 1981
Lucas Sideras : Drums
Demis Russos : Vocals , bass

Their incredible album " 666 " Based on the book " Apocalypse " by Saint John , is one of the best concept progressive albums of the '70s and one of the best albums in the history of Rock , released in 1971 ( Special Guest : Irene Pappas ) and was prohibited in Greece by the fascist government of the " Χουντα "

" It's five o' clock " is the second album of the band , full of sentimental melodies and psychedelic agressive sounds .


Aphrodite' s Child 1968
It' s Five o' Clock 1970
666 1971


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