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The International Noise Cospiracy : The Subversive Sound Of The Cospiracy 45 rpm Single 1999

The (International) Noise Conspiracy is a rock band formed in Sweden in the late months of 1998 as a garage rock band with punk rock influences . Influenced by a quote from 1960's folk singer Phil Ochs , the lead singer Lyxzén , the band wanted to achieve an ideal blend of music and politics that was , " a cross between Elvis Presley and Che Guevara ."

The band's first tour outside Sweden , their homeland , went to China . They played their songs in illegal and hidden rock clubs while the Chinese police waited outside with guns and nightsticks.


Rob the gesture , steal the power
make me feel ashamed of myself
cause now I' m standing here all naked
and my body belongs to someone else .

The moral codes and ethics of our lives
are not by chance
or by reason or not even natural .

They are all definitions set by institutions ,
attempted at directing us into being Moderate , Obedient citizens .
By diverting our interest and inpulses
from what seems "natural" and sane ,
to shame and guilt
they make us hide our bodiesin big clothes and sexless outlooks .

They make us fear ourselves
and the power that we have .

But I' m a Sinner baby ,
caused I have sinned ,
I opened up the door and let you in ,
cause I like everything .

In order to define humans ,
we get categorized after how we love and who we love ,
all of the sudden sex became an identity ,
a role to play .

Between confession and repression we hide ,
between shame and desire we die .

We 're all tired of flying in 2nd class baby
we 're all tired of never navigations.

Just like the communards
we need to resurrect the spirit of Self - Management and real Indipendence .

we need to realise that the working class
so called Victories are nothing but failures .

How the Unions and the Parties have over and over again
sold out the working class for Pseudo - Solutions .

we need to reject the so called " Realist " of the old and tired Left
and see through the illusions of State Bureaucracy .

The Revolutionary conception of History as a process , uniting theory and practice , will be alive again as it has before ( 1968 , 1871 , just to mention a few ) . " The Social war , of which the commune is one moment , still continues .

One day will all fly our airplanes
we will owe our own airports .

These Lyrics are not available in the Net .
Untill now .

Label : Trans Solar , Postfach 23529 , 10127 Berlin
Stick Figure Records Box 55462
Atlanda GA 30308 USA
Year : 1999
Format : Vinyl 45 rpm Single
Bitrate 320

Take it HERE the Single

The International Noise Cospiracy album : A New Morning - Changing Weather 2001

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