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Ministry : ΚΕΦΑΛΗ ΞΘ ( Psalm 69 ) 1992

Ministry were formed in 1981 by Alain Jourgensen (born October 8, 1958, Havana, Cuba)
He had moved to the U.S. with his mother while very young and lived in a succession of cities, eventually working as a radio DJ and joining a new wave band called Special Affect (fronted by future My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult leader Frankie Nardiello, aka Groovie Mann). Featuring drummer Stephen George, Ministry debuted with the Wax Trax! single "Cold Life," which typical of their early output was more in the synth pop/dance style of new wavers like the Human League or Thompson Twins.

The album With Sympathy appeared on the major label Arista in 1983 and followed a similar musical direction, one that Jourgensen was dissatisfied with
He returned to Wax Trax! and recorded several singles while rethinking the band's style and forming his notorious side project the Revolting Cocks.

Ministry's dedication to loud, aggressive music is fully on display here with the lumbering opener "N.W.O.," a politically charged track that takes the first Bush administration to task amidst a barrage of rumbling bass, propulsive beats, crushing guitar riffs, and Jourgensen's trademark distorted vocals. Released as a single before the album itself, the rambunctious "Jesus Built My Hotrod" proved to be another highlight, with Butthole Surfers vocalist Gibby Haynes sitting in on a session of high-octane absurdity.

Throughout PSALM 69 ( ΚΕΦΑΛΗ Ξ Θ ) , the sonic ferocity is relentless, whether on the break-neck speed-metal of "TV II" or the scathing chaos of "Corrosion." Oddly enough, this blisteringly intense outing proved to be Ministry's most successful record, leading to a high-profile stint on the second Lollapalooza tour.

The actual title of the album is ΚΕΦΑΛΗ ΞΘ (a GREEK word roughly pronounced as "ke-fa-lee," meaning "head" or "leader," and the number 69 in( GREEK NUMERALS ), though Psalm 69 is used for simplicity's sake.

(ΚΕΦΑΛΗ Ξ Θ ) One of the heaviest albums ever to achieve mainstream success, PSALM 69 is a snapshot of Ministry at its uncompromising best.

Ministry: Al Jourgenson (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Paul Barker (vocals, bass, programming).

Additional personnel: Gibby Haynes (vocals); M. Scaccia, L. Svitek (guitar); M. Balch (keyboards, programming); H. Beno (programming); W. Rieflix (drums).


1. N.W.O. 5:29
2. Just One Fix 5:10
3. TV II 3:04
4. Hero 4:13
5. Jesus Built My Hotrod 4:51
6. Scare Crow 8:21
7. Psalm 69 5:29
8. Corrosion 4:56
9. Grace 3:05

Jesus Built My Hotrod

Soon i discovered that this rock thing was trueerry Jerry lee lewis was the devil Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet
all of a sudden, i found myself in love with the world
so there was only one thing that i could do
was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long

ding dang a dong bong bing bong
ticky ticky thought of a gun
everytime i try to do it all now baby
am i on the run
why why why why why baby
if it's so evil then?
give me my time, with all my power
give it to me all again (wow)
ding a ding a dang a dong dong ding dong
every where i go

everytime you tell me baby
when i settle down
got to get me a trailer park
and hold my world around
why why why why?

ding ding donga dong dong ding dong
dingy dingy son of a gun
half my time i tell you baby
never am I all for sure
why why why why why baby
sicky sicky from within
everytime I stick my finger on in ya
you're a wild wild little town bitch
now how 'bout ding a dang dong dong dong ling long
dingy a dingy dong a down

everytime you tell me baby
when i settle down
got to get me a trailer park
and hold my world around
why why why why?

in my dang a ding a ding a ding dong
a sticky sticky son of a gun
ding a danga danga dong dong ding dong
why why never know
why why wack a dong a dang ding dong
then you take it on the bill
ding dang dong don't dong

i wanna love ya!

why why why, why why darling
do you do you tell me to play?
half the time I talk about it all now baby
you know what I'm talkin' about I said
why why why it'll
ticky ticky ticky ticky
son of a gun
ding ding dong a bong bong bing bong
ticky ticky thought of a gun

bing bing bang a bang a bang bing bong bing a bing bang a bong
binga bing a bang a bong bong bing bong bing banga bong

bing bing bang a bong bong bing bing binga binga banga bong
bing bing bang a bang bang bing bong


ding dang a dang bong bing bong
ticky ticky thought of a gun
everytime I try to do it all now baby
am I on the run
why why why
it'll ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky ticky
dawn of a gun
bing bing bang a bong a bong bing bang a
ticky ticky thought of a gun
bing bip bip a bop bop boom bam
ticky ticky through the day

if you got a doubt 'bout baby
the memory is on the bed
why why why why why
darlin' uh it don't know
when my time is on
might tell me never do it on his own
if my time was all as is yours
make me burn a wish
when my time with you is brutish
no I'll never not ever

why why why why why why baby heavy hell
alone and it's here it's this thunder
the thunder oh thunder
Jesus built my car it's a love affair mainly jesus and my hot rod yeah, fuck it!

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Bitrate : 320

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  1. Thank you very much for this great album... Thanks from France.

  2. Juste one question. I Looking for "Lard - Pure Chewing Gum Satisfaction". Do you have this album? .. I can not seem to find it on the internet? ...

    Many thank for you blog.

    1. Thank u. I have only their first 2 releases, Power Of Lard EP and The Last Temptation Of Reid.If you are interested...
      Maybe Kostas can help you.

  3. I already possesses what you offer me. But the 2nd album of Bacon, was not found. But who is Kostas? ... It would have it this album? ... It would be really great.

    1. I'm Kostas.The second Blogger of U.Aspirines and I don't have the alboum that you asked for.The link for this alboum has been deleted of all the blogs.Try to find it by Torrents.

  4. Yes, I saw that. Damage. Otherwise, I own the album "The Last Temptation of Reid" I possesses only 128K, So if you could post in 320K ... it would be really good. Many thanks.

    Regarding the torrets I Still was afraid to use it. It is true that I saw lard's album "Pure Chewing Gum Satisffaction" there was available.