Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snakefinger : Green Postures 1980

Philip Lithman led a schizophrenic career, trying to make his way out of obscurity into the light of mainstream success, but then found a living as a valued sideman to the most obscure pop group of the '70s and '80s: the Residents.

He accompanied the group for their two live appearances, as well as raising hell on live radio, playing violin in a screeching, free jazz joke. People dug it, but Lithman returned to England the following year, playing on two albums in the band Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers with his friend Martin Stone (two of the members, Nick Lowe and Pete Thomas, would go on to fame working with Elvis Costello). When the group disbanded, Lithman returned to America, and settled in Los Angeles, where he shopped around demos for two years, trying to break into the mainstream rock scene in the style of the Eagles, Jackson Browne, and other soft rock standbys.

For two years, the Residents co-wrote and produced two Snakefinger albums (Chewing Hides the Sound and Greener Postures), a single "The Spot," and featured him on their albums Duck Stab and The Commercial Album.

Side 1

01. Golden Goat
02. Don't Lie
03. The Man In The Dark Sedan
04. I Come From An Island
05. Jungle Princess

Side 2

01. Trashing All The Loves Of History
02. Save Me From Dali
03. Living In Vain
04. The Picture Makers vs. Children Of The Sea

Songs " Save me from Dali " and " Living in vain " are in the same track ( No 7 )


No way up and no way down
No room in the middle
And there's no way around
Well, I can't go and I can't stay
My lungs are black
My brain is gray

I have seen the Golden Goat
And he would like to lick my throat
I know his mane, I know his spoor
I know he waits outside my door

That goat's too weak to do me harm
But he has got a big long arm
It fills my dreams, it's in my head
It makes me shake
and wet my bed


I'm the man in the dark sedan
and I have come to take your hand
I was sent down here to be sincere
truthful and steadfast
I came to say that judgement day
of man has come to pass

I'm the man in the dark sedan
and I have come to take your hand
You can follow me
and I guarantee to take you far away
But we must leave before
the eve of everlasting gray

I'm the man in the dark sedan
and I have come to take your hand
You will leave this place
and soon replace the names
of those you know
With a brotherhood that has withstood
the leeches and the know

Size : 88.5 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Torso Records
Made in : Greece
Bitrate : 320

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