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Morcheeba : Charango 2002

Sometime in the mid-1990s, the Godfrey brothers (DJ Paul Godfrey and multi-instrumentalist Ross Godfrey) recruited Skye Edwards as vocalist, during a chance meeting at a party in which both brothers were introduced to Edwards. This led to the formation of Morcheeba.

The band's debut album , Who Can You Trust? was released on China Records in April 1996. and fitted smoothly into the then-modish trip hop genre , with instrumentation based predominantly around Rhodes piano , electric guitar and DJ scratching , with the songs carried by Edwards' relaxed soul-styled vocals .

The follow-up , 1998's Big Calm , moved slightly away from trip-hop towards a more pop-oriented , song-based sound .

Band's fourth album , Charango, was released in 2002 , and spawned several singles including "Otherwise ," "Way Beyond " , " and "Undress Me Now " (the release of the latter was cancelled , despite the creation and release of an expensive , erotic Balinese-inspired CGI video). In an indication of what would follow , several tracks on the album did not feature Edwards , and were instead written with and sung by Lambchop's Kurt Wagner or by emceees Pace Won and Slick Rick.

The most groove-oriented act in the mid-'90s female-fronted electronica crowd, Morcheeba rely on the sweet, fluid vocals of Skye Edwards and a laid-back mix of fusion, funk, and blues produced by brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey, on beats/scratches and guitar/keyboards, respectively.

The trio was formed in 1995 when the Godfreys decided to go out on their own after co-producing six tracks for David Byrne's album Feelings.

They submitted several tapes of their instrumental demos to labels around London, but received little interest in return. After hooking up with vocalist Edwards at a party, however, their music began to gel and Morcheeba signed to the China label.

by John Bush


Battle cries
We make the swift retreat
It don't come cheap
Square up to fight
Like dynamite

The flight is young
We're getting deep without an aqualung
Our will is strong
We got to work at where we're goin wrong

I think we missed a turn
Back it up
You'd think I'd learn
Your gelignite
Sets truth alight

The flight is young
We're getting deep without an aqualung
Our time is long
We got to find where we're coming from

Square up to fight
Like dynamite

The flight is young
We're getting deep without an aqualung
Our will is strong
We've got to work at where we're going wrong

Light years from here
We're gonna burn up in the atmosphere
It's crystal clear
We're coming swinging on the chandelier

CD 1


1. Slow Down : 4:12
2. Otherwise : 3:43
3. Aqualung : 3:24
4. Sao Paulo : 4:32
5. Charango (featuring Pace Won) : 4:03
6. What New York Couples Fight About (featuring Kurt Wagner) : 6:16
7. Undress Me Now : 3:25
8. Way Beyond : 3:34
9. Women Lose Weight (featuring Slick Rick) : 4:18
10. Get Along (featuring Pace Won) : 3:48
11. Public Displays of Affection : 3:09
12. The Great London Traffic Warden Massacre (featuring Miriam Stockley and Michael Dove) : 3:04


What a surpriser
Open your eyes, A
Woman advisor

The name of this entertainment is women lose weight
Our first years of marriage everything was just great
But after two kids and the weight gain factor
The fact is now she's completely unattractive
Look, fat chicks, I don't mean to sound rude
I tell her nice hit the gym and don't eat so much food
But no, 'You're shallow, you need to run the course of unconditional love and
so forth'
But how, If desire's not there that's just delayment
Divorce is, child support, alimony payments
My happiness I doubt discouraged
So hurry for an easier way out of this marriage

Meanwhile my secretary June, well groomed
'When you gonna leave your wife?'
I tell her soon monny soon I assume
Or my destiny is blue
Interestingly the only thing left for me to do
Is to kill her

What a surpriser
Open your eyes, A
Woman advisor

I'm going to have to kill her
Of course there's laws which enforces divorces
I'm send that ass right
To the morgue miss

My plans against or shenanigans kinda ran thin
Knowing nothing about poisoning and I can't swim
Bad intentions pumping, might as wall become numb
Cut her lungs or the obvious robbery gone wrong
But the catch is do I have the nerve to dispatch this
Who can I get to help me murder this fat chick?
I guess I'll have to play a dude robbing
On Wednesday the day she usually goes food shopping
Anyway, long story shor; hit the side of her Chrysler
And sent it clean over the divider
You bastard she said as the wreck went tumbling down the hill
I thought she has to be dead
Later on, ger a call from a Lieutenant O'Rourke
Had me leaping like a frog

"We need you at the morgue'
So I selfishly pursue
Boo Hoo there was nothing else left for me to do
I have to kill her

What a surpriser

Screaming who done took my heart
Acting shaken up a lot

At the funeral, though everyone was looking at me odd
Like I did it
Like I was the reason my mates slain
Murmuring, I heard he was displeased with her weight gain
While my secretary, sort of a sexy blonde, can't look
All she doea is order from restaurants
All of the sex you want
I doubt could address
Clothes not washed proper and house look a mess
And talking to detectives that was waiting outside
How I took a long lunch break day the wife died
I darn near turned pale
And because of betrayal
They indicted me and gave me an impossible bail

Good fortune to anyone admiring the rawtent
Moral of the story is desire is important
So watch your weight it will keep your mate smitten
It's a given
Though looking back I realise I didn't have to kill her

What a surpriser

Well there you have it
Keep trim keep your marriages healthy
You know what I mean
A small message from Morcheeba adn Slick Rick ruler


Size : 109 MB
Bitrate : 320

There is also a rare Limited Edition Version where the second CD contains instrumental versions of all the tracks , but I didn't uploaded it . ( I think you don't care about it )

Take it HERE

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