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Morphine : Best Of

Morphine was an American alternative rock group formed by Mark Sandman, Dana Colley and Jerome Deupree in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1989.

Low-fi but hight-brow, Mark Sandman's outfit was obstinately oddball .
Here was a band into Blues and Rock with no electric guitar. Insteaded, the three-man line-up
sported a drummer, Sandman on a bass with only two strings, both tuned to the same note, and Dana Colley on meaty baritone Sax.

Morphine combined blues and jazz elements with more traditional rock arrangements, giving the band an unusual sound.

Unerpinning the leader's world-weary vocals , often put through a distortion unit, Morphine
packed an appropriately addictive punch on numbers like " Honey White " and " Cure For Pain ", a sound they dubbed " Implied Grunge ".

The band preffered to play smaller clubs, and remained loyal to the Boston - Cambridge area,
even when they signed to DreamWorks .

Marc Sandman was a graduate of UMass Boston who only launched a music career in his mid-thirties with the Punk-Blues group " Treat Her Right " before forming Morphine.

Their fiercely devoted funs were deeply shocked when Sandman died after suffering a heart attack while on stage in Rome in July 1999 .

Within a year of Sandman's death, Colley and Conway created " Orchestra Morphine ", a group of Sandman's friends and colleagues who toured to celebrate the music of the band and to raise funds for the Mark Sandman Music Education Fund.

European edition

01. Have A Lucky Day       Good     3:27
02. You Look Like Rain       Good     3:38
03. You Speak My Language       Good     3:25
04. Thursday      Cure for Pain     3:26
05. Buena       Cure for Pain     3:19
06. Cure For Pain      Cure for Pain     3:13
07. Honey White      Yes     3:06
08. Super Sex      Yes     3:52
09. Whisper       Yes     3:28
10. Eleven O'Clock       Like Swimming     3:18
11. Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer       The Night     5:42
12. The Night       The Night     4:48
13. Jack And Tina       previously unreleased     8:32
14. Pretty Face       previously unreleased     4:47
15. Shame       B-Sides and Otherwise     2:44
16. Sexy Christmas Baby Mine        previously unreleased     2:05 

Released     February 18, 2003
CD Rip
MP3 : 148 ΜΒ
Flac Part 1 : 193 MB      Flac Part 2 : 210MB

Studio albums

    Good (1992)
    Cure for Pain (1993)
    Yes (1995)
    Like Swimming (1997)
    The Night (2000)


    Mark Sandman : 2-string slide bass, vocals, organ, tritar (3-string slide guitar), guitar,     piano        (1989–1999)
    Dana Colley : baritone sax, tenor sax, double sax, triangle (1989–1999)
    Jerome Deupree : drums, percussion (1989–1991, 1991–1993, 1998–1999)
    Billy Conway : drums, percussion (1991, 1993–1999)

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