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Suicidal Tendencies : The Art Of Rebellion 1992

Suicidal Tendencies is an American crossover thrash and hardcore punk band.

Formed in Venice, CA, during the early '80s, the group's leader from the beginning was outspoken vocalist Mike Muir. The outfit specialized in vicious hardcore early on building a huge following among skateboarders, lending a major hand in the creation of skatepunk before turning their focus eventually to thrash metal.

The Art of Rebellion is the sixth studio album by American crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies. It was released in 1992 on the Sony Music label.
It is widely considered to be Suicidal's "experimental" album. Mike Clark himself acknowledged this, but also mentioned that the album was not planned that way, and was just a reflection of the band's musical growth.

( On the group's earliest albums, vocalist Mike Muir specialized in intense, angst-ridden rants, harrowing but one-dimensional. He has since developed into a rock-solid vocalist, his voice a powerful and fluid instrument. Muir still delivers emotionally ferocious spoken-word segments on "Nobody Hears" and "I Wasn't Meant to Hear This," but the trademark is woven into good songs rather than being an end onto itself. A clenched fist in a velvet glove -- or is it an open hand in chain mail? -- whichever, The Art of Rebellion packs a punch that should win over new devotees while maintaining the group's hardcore following.
Review by Roch Parisien )

01. Can't Stop   Mike Muir     6:39
02. Accept My Sacrifice   Muir, Robert Trujillo     3:30
03. Nobody Hears   Muir, Rocky George     5:34
04. Tap into the Power   Muir, Mike Clark     3:43
05. Monopoly on Sorrow   Muir     5:13
06. We Call This Mutha Revenge   Muir, Clark     4:51
07. I Wasn't Meant to Feel This / Asleep at the Wheel   Muir     7:07
08. Gotta Kill Captain Stupid   Muir, Clark     4:02
09. I'll Hate You Better   Muir, Clark     4:18
10. Which Way to Free?   Muir, George     4:30
11. It's Going Down       Muir     4:27
12. Where's the Truth?   Muir, George     4:14

Total length:

    Mike Muir - vocals
    Rocky George - guitar
    Mike Clark - guitar
    Robert Trujillo - bass guitar
    Josh Freese - drums
    John Webster - keyboards
    Dennis Karmazyn - cello

Format : Vinyl LP
Made in : Holland
Label : Sony
Year : 1992
Style : Thrash Punk

MP3 : Size : 132 MB
FLAC : Size : 378 MB


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