Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pavlov' s Dog : At The Sound Of The Bell 1976

Pavlov's Dog lead singer David Surkamp was everything that was wrong with the band's Columbia debut Pampered Menial. Tempered here by Blue Oyster Cult producers Murray Krugman and Sandy Pearlman, who also recorded the first disc, the sound is more appealing to the ear. The question is, where was it going? Too pop for progressive rock, and too progressive for Top 40, the music is driving and more focused the second time around.

David Surkamp's voice a little too grating for the elegant and complex music inside these grooves. Adventurous and meaningful, The Sound of the Bell is a great concept and musical experience that falls short.


1. She Came Shining     4:18
2. Standing Here With You (Megan's Song) 3:51
3. Mersey     3:05
4. Valkerie     5:23
5. Try To Hang On     2:08
6. Gold Nuggets     3:27
7. She Breaks Like A Morning Sky 2:27
8. Early Morning On     3:11
9. Did You See Him Cry     5:38

    Acoustic Guitar – Thomas Nickeson
    Bass [Fender] – Richard Stockton*
    Composed By – Pavlov's Dog
    Design – Andy Engel, John Berg
    Drums – William Bruford*
    Engineer – John Jansen
    Engineer [Assistant Mixing] – Will Reid Dick*
    Engineer [Assistant Recording] – Sam Ginsberg
    Guitar – Elliot Randall*, Les Nicol
    Keyboards – David Hamilton (8)
    Lead Guitar – Stephen Scorfina*
    Mandolin – Paul Prestopino
    Mellotron, Bass, Percussion – Douglas Rayburn*
    Organ – George Gerich, Mike Abene*
    Photography – Jerry Abramowitz
    Producer – Murray Krugman, Sandy Pearlman
    Saxophone – Andy Mackay, Michael Brecker
    Violin – Gavyn Wright
    Vocals – High Wycombe Boys Choir
    Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Veleno] – David Surkamp


And here you are, away from us all
And all you've got is champagne and tea for two
And so it goes on with the show
And all I hope all your dreams will come true

And bring back the good old days
Bring back the good old days
Bring back the good old days
Bring back our good old days
In time, always in your time

On and on, 'cause she's a long hard climb
Pure of heart 'cause she's so hard to find
All he'd lost was given clear and free
And for the love of a valkyrie

All in time, always in your time
All in your time
The lovely good old days
Bring back the good old days

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  1. Ola,Hello,Hallo and Hi,
    thank you very much for this post. In my opinion this is the much better effort compared to the first album. Better songwriting, better arrangements and a better production. But that's just my two cents...Thanks again

  2. Κώστα μπραβο για τους Pavlov's Dog. Είναι ένα συγκρότημα που ανήκει στα πρώτα ακούσματα και καθόρισε τα μετέπειτα.