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Moon Martin : X - Ray Vision 45 rpm Single 1982

Born in Oklahoma in 1950, Martin gained recognition in the 1970s as a pop artist and composer. Originally a rockabilly artist, he wrote the songs "Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)", made famous by the English singer Robert Palmer, and "Cadillac Walk", made famous by the American singer Willy DeVille.

Martin scored two minor hits of his own with "Rolene" (#30 Billboard Hot 100) and "No Chance" (#50), both in 1979. His 1982 song, "X-Ray Vision" was an MTV hit music video.

He was given the nickname "Moon" because many of his songs had the word "moon" in the lyrics.[1]

"X-Ray Vision" is a song written and first recorded by Moon Martin from his album Mystery Ticket. It was later covered by the freestyle music group TKA, released as a single from the album Scars of Love in 1988. Their cover of the song reached No. 26 on the Billboard dance/club play chart.

Format : Vinyl 45 rpm
Label : Capital Records
Serial number : 2C 008-86.489
Made in : Spain
Year : 1982
Producer : Moon Martin , Robert Palmer


A : X-Ray Vision  3:55
    Written By – Moon Martin, Peter Sinfield, Terry Taylor

B : Deeper (Into Love) 3:30
    Written By – Moon Martin


You think your clever words will fool me, baby
The magic in your eyes will cool me, baby
How long will you go on pretending, baby
Looking for a happy ending, baby

Well, it's me you're trying to bluff
Your cards ain't high enough
When I look your way
You just turn away

X-ray vision
Baby I can see through you
X-ray vision
Baby I believe in you

Looking out my room, the stars are burning
There's a lesson that I should be learning
You know lead will never hide it, baby
Now that I can see behind it baby

Tell the world to wait
Til we set the record straight
Little one do you choose
Every look you use

X-ray vision
Baby I can see through you
X-ray vision
Baby I believe in you

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