Monday, October 17, 2016


Athens ,today the city and its surrounding neighbourhoods are immensely rich in graffiti art, which emerged in the '90s but took off and developed its own distinctive style over the past years.
The recent economic crisis has spawned a new burst of creative energy that has turned Athens into what the New York Times calls "Α contemporary mecca for street art in Europe", counting 2,000 or so graffiti and street artists painting around the city of Athens .

When you think of street art, you would immediately think of  some other cities like London, Berlin, New York or Paris. But not Athens. However, over the past decade, Athens’ streets have gone from busy, dull and gray passages in the main city center to attention-grabbing canvasses for some of Europe’s best street art.

Athens is much better of Street Graffiti than everywhere
Just take a look of them .

Some of them are here in your neighborhood , in the place that we call it EXARHEIA .

These are some of the best graffiti in my town .
Photos : By Kostas ( URBAN ASPIRINES )


  1. Thanks for the post. Great art work.

    1. Thanxs my friend , but too much work for nothing , So i fell