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Various Artists - Pebbles, Vol. 7 Subtitled: Chicago 2, Original '60s Punk & Psych Classics 1994

Various Artists - Pebbles, Vol. 7
Subtitled: Chicago 2, Original '60s Punk & Psych Classics
1994 Archive International Productions (AIP)
CD cat. #: AIP CD 5024

[The second volume of Pebbles that is devoted to Chicago is similar to its predecessor, Pebbles, Vol. 6. It includes an early recording by the Ides of March, who later changed their sound and scored a big
hit with "Vehicle"; a track by Gary & the Knight Lites, who later became the American Breed; and numerous selections from obscure '60s garage bands with some connections to the Windy City.
While some of these bands may have been influenced by Chicago blues, they seem to have been more influenced by the British Invasion, Bob Dylan, other '60s garage bands, and '50s rock & roll; indeed, the album features remakes of songs by the Who ("I Can't Explain"), the Rolling Stones ("The Spider & the Fly"), the Animals ("I'm Gonna Change" and "I'm Cryin'"), the New Colony Six ("At the River's Edge"), the Vectors ("It's Been a Day or Two"), the Hombres ("Let It All Hang Out"), and Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns ("High Blood Pressure").

As you may have guessed from the high number of cover versions, the bands on this compilation aren't strikingly original; this compilation, like Pebbles, Vol. 6, will appeal primarily to garage rock completists who are willing to forgive a few borrowed ideas in the pursuit of a good time.
Note that "Ben Franklin's Almanac" by the Cryan Shames is not included on the CD even though it is included on the song list that's printed on the CD cover; the third song is actually "Come With Me" by the Boyz, which was incorrectly listed on the CD cover for Pebbles, Vol. 6.

Todd Kristel, AllMusic]


01. The Lost Agency / One Girl Man - 03:04
02. The Foggy Notions / Take Me Back And Hold Me - 02:31
03. The Boyz / Come With Me - 02:32
04. The Revelles / Little Girl - 02:11
05. Oscar and Majestics / I Can't Explain - 02:15
06. The Trolls / Every Day And Every Night - 02:30
07. The Children of Darkness / Sugar Shack A Go Go - 01:58
08. The Factory / High Blood Pressure - 02:32
09. Von Ruden / The Spider And The Fly - 03:08
10. The Ides of March / I'll Keep Searching - 02:25
11. Gary and Knight Lites / Take Me Back - 02:32
12. Bobby Brelyn / Hanna - 03:09
13. The Commons, Ltd / I'm Gonna Change The World - 02:52
14. Lord and the Flies / Echoes - 02:05
15. The Berries / What In The World - 02:31
16. The Vectors / It's Been A Day Or Two - 02:17
17. The Malibus / I'm Cryin' - 02:28
18. The Cardinals / Go Go Baby - 02:47
19. Wet Paint / Shame - 02:27
20. Wet Paint / At The River's Edge - 03:01
21. Jimmy Null and the Inversions / I Still Care For You - 02:11
22. The Lost Agency / Time To Dream - 02:12
23. Barney Pip / Let It All Hang Out - 02:13

Playing time...57:51


The booklet and tray cover is incorrect. It lists The Cryan Shames 'Ben Franklin's Almanac' as track 3 instead of The Boyz 'Come With Me'. 


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