Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Babble : The Stone ( 1993 )

BABBLE is the duo of Alannah Currie and Tom Bailey , who formed the Thompson Twins between 1982 and 1989 . Babble were formed in 1993 and they have adopted a complete different musical approach than the Thompson Twins , influenced by Indian and oriental vibes full of hypnotic rhythms . They released their first album " The Stone " in 1993.
The Stone 1993
Beautiful/Tribe 1994
Ether 1996
Killing Time 2006
Cracker Crumbs 2006


1 The Downward Pull Of Heaven's Force
2 Tribe
3 You Kill Me
4 Spirit
5 Take Me Away
6 The Stone
7 Beautiful
8 Space
9 Sunray Dub
10 Drive

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  1. Great Babble album, been a HUGE fan of Babble since Thompson Twins's break -up. The last Thompson Twins album 'Queer' is awesome and has elements of where they were about to head with Babble. One question though -what are these releases? Ive never heard of them. -Killing Time 2006
    Cracker Crumbs 2006
    Tom Bailey now is playing Dub in the group 'International Observer'

  2. Hi damian.
    You can have a look here
    and here
    Thanks for the comment,still believe Thomson Twins's debut LP [A Product of] is one of the greatest albums i ever heard.

  3. Wish that I could find both "Killing Time" and "Cracker Crumbs". I have been looking for them since the release but in this hick town that I live in I cannot find anything other then Country or Country Crossover at the local music stores.


  4. Time and Cracker Crumbs are both albums by a Hip Hop group called Babble - they are not Tom Bailey's project. After Eather, the last track recorded that was released was called 'Dark Raven', after which he stopped Babble and formed International Observer, and done this dub-influenced venture ever since sadly...