Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Steppes : Stewdio 1988

This is the Psychedelic Garage Progressive sound of :
John Fallon
Erik Denning
David Fallon
Tim Gilman
Recorded at the Westbeach Studios

Of Irish descent, but with a youth cradled both in the USA and the green wilds of rural Ireland, the Fallon Brothers John (vocals, guitar) and David (vocals, bass and keyboards) shared, from an early age, a fascination with rhythm and blues and the music of The Beatles, The Byrds, Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

They also had a common interest in the fantastical writings of Robert E. Howard, Lord Dunsany, Michael Moorcock and in the musings of various late 19th/early 20th century writers, poets and philosophers - such as Herman Hesse, William Wordsworth and Oscar Wilde.

This exotic mixture of musical and intellectual influences, when combined with psychedelics, would later create the magical and timeless fusion of American acid rock, pop and electric Celtic folk that became The Steppes trade mark.

Stewdio, although not as critically acclaimed as Drop Of The Creature, did make a big enough impression, when it was released in early 1988, for The Steppes to plan a tour of Europe in September of the same year.

Drummer Erik Denning had dropped out of the band (later re-emerging as drummer with the band Head, who released one album on Voxx) so, with Jim Bailey back on board, The Steppes arrived in London. The visit followed a badly packaged and promoted compilation of material from Drop Of The Creature and Stewdio, entitled Tourists From Timenotyet which came out on the UK based Bam Caruso label.

A warm up gig at The Boston Arms in London, on the 29th of September 1988, was the first European date and went ahead despite the lack of attention paid by the UK music press.

In October of 1988, The Steppes began their tour of Belgium, Germany, and Greece. The tour was a great success, particularly in Greece, where Drop Of The Creature and Stewdio had been released on LP on the Hitch Hyke label, resulting in audiences of over 1,000 per gig. By November the band was back in the UK and, after a gig at The White Horse in West Hampstead, they began work on their next album Enquire Within.

However, like all great Irish dramas, there is a happy ending to the tale. In June of 1995 Delerium, after much letter writing and telephone use, managed to tempt John, Dave Jim and Tim into a studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, with John Frankovic of Plasticland in the producer's chair. With only one week's rehearsal time and a similarly short period to record, the band created a brand new album, which should be out by the time you read this. Entitled Gods, Men and Ghosts it's a collection of classic new Steppes songs (an alternate take of Lord Of The Trance, one of the weirder tracks from the new album, is included herein) and this new album will, hopefully, be followed by some live appearances by the band.

Richard Allen - January 1997.

01. The one thing
02. Voices of several tourists
03. Living so dead
04. Whole world on your shoulder
05. Make Peace with your darkness
06. Look for the sun
07. Do you think it' s right ?
08. Your friendly travel agent
09. Tourists from timenotyet
10. A lonely girl
11. If you want to be lonely
12. A prayer for you

13. We make dreams comr true (The Muses Beckon)

Label : Hitchhyke Lift 011
Licensed from Voxx-Records
Format Vinyl LP
Made in Greece
Released : 1988

Size 98 MB
Bitrate 320


  1. The drumming rocks!

  2. τώρα που τους ακούω αγγίξανε την ψυχή μου, μου θυμίζουν λίγο green pajamas στο ύφος