Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Haig Yazdjian : Talar 1996

Born in Siria from Armenian parents, he has been working and living for more than twenty years in Greece. It is here where he discovered the enchanting elements of the music from the East.

He can play various instruments such as the nay, cümbüs, nashatkar or percurssion, but it is with the oud ( Outi ) with which he expresses his permanent musical search. This search , by the way , transcends time and geographical borders.

The publishing of his first album TALAR, edited in 1996 by LIBRA MUSIC ( Greek alternative label ) , made his popularity rise, but above that, launched him as one of the promises of his generation in composing.


1. Garin
2. Ov siroun
3. Lost train
4. Talar
5. Habrban
6. Weaving silk
7. Carod
8. Journey
9. Badouin dance
10. Kouyr Grounk
11. Friday morning

This music is a voyage ! Deep in the sound of the water , deep in the sound of our souls , deep in the sound of an Orient sky .
This music is full of colours , dreams , life and pain .
It' s alive between instruments like : Kanun , Taboura , Fluete , Saz , Nay , Outi and many more .

Size 135 MB
Format : CD
Label : Libra Records
Made in Greece
Bitrate 320

If you like take it HERE

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