Thursday, April 23, 2009

Julian Cope : Autogeddon 1994


1. Autogeddon Blues 5:14
2. Madmax 3:39
3. Don't Call Me Mark Chapman 5:21
4. I Gotta Walk 2:28
5. Ain't No Gettin' Round Gettin' Round 5:01

6. Paranormal in the West Country (Medley) 8:29
Paranormal Pt.1
Archdrude's Roadtrip
7. Ain't But the One Way 4:30
8. s•t•a•r•c•a•r 11:29

Ain't But The One Way

Fascists are all I see
One too many Buttfuckers controlling me
But Suicide or Vigilante
To up the ante - Which is my way?

Ain't but the One Way
Ain't but the One Way
Ain't but the One Way...
To be free

Step into view... and about time
Make yourself some enemies + step out of line
We need a deadly assassin
And we need to do it today
'Cause the greed inside the Greedheads ain't ever gonna go away...

Grab yourself some friends, man
And grab yourself a good plan
And get yourself a hitman
And work out a time span
And aim for the Headman... Then lie low

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Format : CD
Bitrate 320

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  1. very cool, this and 20 mothers not the easiest to find, many thanks, bolt on

  2. Thanks dude for uploading this. Used to have on cassette but wore away. May good things come your way!