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The The : Mind Bomb 1989

The The are an English musical and multimedia group that have been active in various forms since 1979, with singer/songwriter/frontman Matt Johnson being the only constant band member. Releases are fairly few and far between for the band, but over the years The The have sold several million albums internationally and achieved critical acclaim — their 1983 album Soul Mining was voted the third best album of the year by British music magazine Melody Maker. This album featured the song "Uncertain Smile", which at one point was voted the third greatest song ever by Australian Triple J radio listeners.
Since 2007, The The have enjoyed a small surge of attention in the United States thanks to an M&M's advertising campaign, which has been using the band's song "This is the Day" as its theme music.
By 1989, The The was an actual band again, Johnson having recruited ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, ex-Nick Lowe bassist James Eller and ex-ABC drummer David Palmer as full fledged members. This line-up recorded the album Mind Bomb, which featured the band's highest charting single to that time, "The Beat(en) Generation", which peaked at #18 UK.


"An album of furious energy and frustrated urgency. Consider a revision of T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland set in Margaret Thatcher's Britain to a pulsating back beat. "

"The songs on Mind Bomb have a do-or-die urgency. Matt Johnson is a committed writer with something to say."

"Beyond Love" is Johnson's most beautiful song ever.”

"The The stretch their sound past the edge of madness it already inhabits.”

“’Mind Bomb’ could easily be The The's ‘Astral Weeks.’ A magnificent album, full of vital energy.”

"Uniquely optimistic yet tortured and anguished, Mind Bomb is TheThe’s most impressive work to date. A meld of bitter images and desperate hopes focusing on the individual conflicts and politics of a troubled world.”

"Each song is a spiritual quest. His music is cathartic, instinctive, perhaps occasionally prophetic.


1. Good Morning Beautiful
2. Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)
3. The Violence of Truth
4. Kingdom of Rain
5. The Beat(en) Generation
6. August & September
7. Gravitate to Me
8. Beyond Love


They're 5 miles high as the crow flies
leavin' vapour trails against a blood red sky
Movin' in from the East toward the West
with Balaclava helmets over their heads, yes!

But if you think that Jesus Christ is coming
Honey you've got another thing coming
If he ever finds out who's hi-jacked his name
He'll cut out his heart and turn in his grave

Islam is rising
The Christians mobilising
The world is on its elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message and worships the creeds

It's war, she cried, It's war, she cried, this is war
Drop your possessions, all you simple folk
You will fight them on the beaches in your underclothes
You will thank the good lord for raising the union jack
You'll watch the ships out of harbour
and the bodies come floating back

If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today
He'd be gunned down cold by the C.I.A.

Oh, the lights that now burn brightest behind stained glass
Will cast the darkest shadows upon the human heart
But God didn't build himself that throne
God doesn't live in Israel or Rome
God belong to the yankee dollar
God doesn't plant the bombs for Hezbollah
God doesn't even go to church
And God won't send us down to Allah to burn
No, God will remind us what we already know
That the human race is about to reap what it's sown

The world is on its elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message and worships the creeds
Armageddon days are here again

Size 105 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : CBS
Made in Greece
Bitrate 320

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