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The 101ers : Elgin Avenue Breakdown 1975

London February 1974 . That' s Joe , Joe in the spotlight , finding his religion . JOE STRUMMER at 22 , duck - walking across the bare boards of something called The Charlie Pigdog Club , to worship at the altar of rock , n , roll , already a true believer .
The band playing behind him is an early line - up of the fabled 10lers .
The 10lers in many ways are crude , loud , untutored , technically deficient and their set seems to consist of nothing but covers of classic rock ' n ' roll and old R & B chertnuts .

Primarily known as the band Joe Strummer was in before he joined the Clash, the 101'ers were part of the last wave of British pub rock bands of the mid-'70s. The group never released any recordings while they were together, yet they were among the important transitional figures in the metamorphosis of pub rock into punk rock.

Joe Strummer formed the 101'ers in May of 1974, recruiting guitarist Clive Timperley, bassist Dan Kelleher, and drummer Richard Dudanski; according to legend, the group either named themselves after the torture room in George Orwell's 1984 or the building where they lived. By the end of the summer, the group had performed their first concert, playing Brixton's Telegraph pub. For the next year and a half, the 101'ers worked the pub rock circuit. During 1975 and early 1976, the group laid down some demos. In the first half of 1976, the 101'ers had been opening for the Sex Pistols on selected dates. Inspired by the Pistols and the burgeoning punk movement, Strummer decided to quit the 101'ers in June 1976 and form the Clash. Within a month, the group's only single, "Keys to Your Heart," was released on Chiswick Records.

Following the demise of the 101'ers, Dudanski played with the Raincoats and, later, Public Image Limited; Timperley joined the Passions; and Kelleher became a member of the Derelicts. In 1981, after the Clash had become stars, Strummer allowed a 101'ers compilation called Elgin Avenue Breakdown to be released.

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JOE STRUMMER : Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
CLIVE " Evil " TIMPERLEY : Lead Guitar & backing Vocals
" Desperate " DAN KELLEHER : Bass
RICHARD " Snakehips " DUDANSKI : Drums


1. Letsagetabitarockin'
2. Silent Telephone
3. Keys To Your Heart
4. Rabies (From The Dogs Of Love)
5. Sweet Revenge
6. Motor Boys Motor
7. Steamgauge '99
8. 5 Star R'n'R
9. Surf City
10. Keys To Your Heart (version 2)
11. Sweety Of The St Moritz
12. Hideaway (previously unreleased)
13. Shake Your Hips (Live)(previously unreleased)
14. Lonely Mother's Son (Live)(previously unreleased)
15. Hideaway (Live)
16. Don't Let It Go (Live)
17. Keep Taking The Tablets.(Live)(previously unreleased)
18. Junco Partner (Live)(previously unreleased)
19. Out Of Time (Live)(previously unreleased)
20. Maybelline (Live)(previously unreleased)

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  1. Thanks for this record awsomeeeee!!

  2. hi,thanx for the record,I also wanted to know if there's a chance to get the original one with this trackin list

    Letsagetabitarockin - 2:07
    Silent Telephone - 2:20
    Monkey Business (live) (Chuck Berry) - 2:22
    Shake Your Hips (live) (Slim Harpo) - 3:26
    Junco Partner (live) - 3:19
    Don't Let Go (Bo Diddley) - 2:54
    Motor Boys Motor - 2:22
    Sweety of the St. Moritz - 2:24
    Surf City (Kelleher - 101'ers) - 2:47
    Keys to Your Heart - 3:09
    Sweet Revenge - 2:57
    Gloria (live) (Van Morrison) - 3:34

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