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VA : Punk and Disorderly N0 2 1982


1. GBH : Sick Boy
2. The Expelled : Dreaming
3. The Insane : El Sasvador
4. One Way System : Stab The Judge
5. Court Martial : Gotta Get Out
6. Action Pact : London Bouncers
7. The Dark : The Masque
8. Violators : Gangland

Because we can

9. Channel 3 : I' ve Got A Gun
10. Abrasive Wheels : Vicious Circle
11. The Enemy : Fallen Hero
12. Riot / Clone : Death To Humanity
13. The Wall : Hobby For A Day
14. Disorder : More Than Fights
15. Erazerhead : Shellshock
16. Vice Squad : Resurrection

For all the victims of brutality and mistreatment at the hands of Greek police

They said our feelings were too strong
Our concern would only drag us down
They laughed at all the boys and the girls
Who cried the tears to baptise the world
Tears to baptise the world
Some got rich because they were used
Perfect youth cult so abused
We all gathered to dance and applaud
We cried out no one heard us call
No one heard us call

Try to bury the legend, it's time for the resurrection
Tomorrow's forever, so look ahead
There's more to life than playing dead
Like the neon that lights up the night
Pride and hope once again burn bright
Are you ready for the ressurgence of the unconquered contingent
They'll give the torch to carry, alright
But the unworthy shall bathe in its light
The rich mans gain is the punks loss
You carry the banner that becomes a cross
Banner that becomes a cross

We've got something to shout about
We are the immortal cult
No more fighting, this time stay together
Look ahead, tomorrow's for ever
Tomorrow's forever

Write an epitaph for us all
We'll sit back and calculate your fall
A new strength you could never explain
Born again from your dying pain

We're no pathetic fashion
We're the ultimate faction
We've found ourselves, it's not too late
Strength and unity with our only faith

Size 110 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Anagram Records
Distributed by Music-Box
Year : 1982
Made in Greece
Bitrate 320

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