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Fuzztones : Monster A Go Go ! 1992

The Fuzztones have achieved legendary status as cult faves during their 29 year career. Their fiery brand of Garage-Psych-Punk pre-dated the entire "Garage Revival" of the 1980's and has influenced hundreds of groups, from the Hives to the Horrors.

Born in the summer of 1980 in the bowels of NYC's Lower East Side, The Fuzztones were soon regulars at legendary NYC hotspots such as CBGB, and the Mudd Club. By utilizing the fuzzbox (an antiquated effects pedal used by many 60's groups to achieve overly distorted "psychedelic" guitar sounds), the band created a raunchy sound they referred to as "Grunge"...(On their 1984 debut single, "Bad News Travels Fast", lead guitarist Elan Portnoy is credited as playing "lead grunge", at least a decade before the Seattle Grunge Invasion), hence the band’s moniker! Complete with paisley and leather attire, genuine human bone necklaces, The Fuzztones influenced the fashions of bands as diverse as the Hoodoo Gurus (who also modified the Fuzztones infamous skull and crossed Vox Phantom guitars logo for use on one of their album covers) to Marc Almond (who aped The Fuzztones by wearing black turtlenecks with bone necklaces) to the X-rated Dwarves logo, which was stolen from the Fuzztones "Lysergic Ejaculations" cover.

The band's classic video for "Ward 81" even inspired the legendary Ramones, whose "Psychotherapy" video copies several scenes directly from the Fuzztones' masterpiece, as did the glitter-rock docu-film "Velvet Goldmine"! The Fuzztones' first European tour in 1985, a 3 month onslaught of England, Wales, Scotland, Germany and Italy, firmly established the band with a dedicated, and avid following that continues to this day! Their 1985 debut studio LP, "Lysergic Emanations" has achieved major cult status, and has been released by 4 different labels over the last 23 years, the combined sales of which has assured gold record status!

The Fuzztones have toured Europe fervently since 1985, and have headlined major venues in Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Wales, Scotland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Finland, as well as Croatia, Slovenia, Canada, Israel, and Mexico.
During their illustrious 29 year career they have appeared on over 70 vinyl and CD releases, including at least 15 albums, countless singles, and compilations, not to mention 5 videos, several television and radio appearances, and countless major press articles (NME, Sounds, Melody Maker, Rockerilla, Hit Parade, US,Rolling Stone, Mojo, and more).

They were the ONLY band involved in the 80's "Garage Revival" to obtain a major label record deal (RCA). In 2003, The Fuzztones received co-headliner billing at Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival, a 42 band extravaganza that included Rock luminaries The Stooges, New York Dolls, Pretty Things, Nancy Sinatra and Bo Diddley. Recently, Rolling Stone magazine featured a Fuzztones track on a giveaway CD (entitled “Fuzz-Tones”!) and Rhino included a track on their compilation, “Children of Nuggets.” Italy’s Get Back label re-issued 4 classic Fuzztones albums and a “Best of” CD/DVD set, all within a few months time! Their classic recording, “1-2-5” is featured in the new German film, “Fur Den Unbekannten Hund (The Unknown Dog)” and an Italian documentary on Coney Island.

The band’s newest album, “Horny As Hell” (on Unique Records sub-label, Electrique Mud), has been receiving rave reviews, and coincides with their upcoming European tour (Feb/March 2009). The Fuzztones are currently writing material for their upcoming studio album. Release date will be fall 2010. This album will also mark their 30th anniversary and lead into a 2 month tour across Europe!


1. Jack the Ripper
2. All Black and Hairy
3. Charlotte's Remains
4. Dinner With Drac
5. Night of the Phantom
6. Witch
7. Happy Halloween
8. D.O.A.
9. Cellar Dweller
10. I'm the Wolfman
11. She's My Witch
12. Goin' to a Graveyard
13. Night of the Vampire

(Monster A Go Go Version) Lyrics By R. Protrudi, music by E. Portnoy

In the dark you hear a sound
from my basement underground
Can't see it but you know it's there
Why can't it be just a nightmare?
It crawls, it drools, it breathes right down your neck
It oozes evil, eats things that are dead
You'd better never close your eyes
Or I'll be there to take your life
Cause I'm the ugly cellar dwellar

Fingers crawlin' up your spine
Voices callin' from behind
You're much too scared to leave your bed
It won't be long until you're dead

You watch the clock tick your life away
The only thing that you can do is pray
Your remaining days are few
Destiny is calling you
I'm the ugly cellar dwellar

Every night you lay in fear
Knowing that the end is near
The sound you hear is hunger pains
And all they'll find is your remains
Your heart will start beating much too fast
The next sound you hear will be your last
Now it's time for you to die
Don't forget to say goodbye
I'm the ugly cellar dwellar

Chomp Chomp!

Size : 106 MB
Format : Red Coloured Vinyl LP
Made in Canada
Label : Skreamin' Skull Records
Bitrate 320

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