Friday, August 21, 2009

Johnny Thunders : Bootlegging The Bootleggers 1990

This is the original Vinyl LP cover

This is a legitimate release of a collection of bootleg recordings. Most of this is very good material and the sound is generally good. Johnny introduces most of the songs and you're bound to find something here that you like. If you're looking for bootleg recordings then you should start here because Johnny's estate gets some royalties off this.

Side 1

1. M.I.A
2. In Cold Blood/I' m Not Your Stepping Stone/Hit The Road Jack
3. Personality Crisis
4. Joey Joey
5. Sad Vacation
6. Jittle Queenie

Side 2

1. Pipeline
2. Just Another Girl
3. You Can' t Put Your Arms Around A Memory
4. As Tears Go By
5. I Can Tell
6. Wipe Out

Recorded Live around the world between 1985 and 1989 .

Size : 98 MB
Year : 1990
Label : Jungle Records
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in England
Bitrate 320

Take it HERE

Many thx to my friend Tasos


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