Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Viagraman : Ufuk

Ufuk Uyanık, the creator of 'Viagraman', was born in Turkey in 1963. In 1977 his first cartoon was published in a sport magazine. His dreams came true in 1983, when he started working comics magazine Gırgır. In 1988 he moved to Britain and settled in London. But being unable to speak the language and finding the British Cartoon Humour completely opposite to his, he had to start working in a burger shop like any other third world immigrant. He got his first cartoon published in a top shelf magazine in England in 1989, since then things went pretty well and his cartoons are published in 23 countries world-wide in magazines, greeting cards, calendars, pillow covers, bed covers, towels etc.

His comic book 'Viagraman' was published in England, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Germany and USA.

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