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The Real Mc Kenzies : Off The Leash 2008

The Real McKenzies have been bringing out their hybrid of aggressive punk and traditional Scottish folk songs since their formation in 1992.
After several lineup changes, this Vancouver-based sextet eventually settled with Paul McKenzie (vocals), the Bone (guitar/vocals), Kurt "Dirty" Robertson (guitar), Matt MacNasty (bagpipes), Brad Attitude (drums), and Jamie Fawkes (bass).
By 1995, IFA Records released the band's first full-length, appropriately titled Scotland. After the band spent four years touring throughout North America, Joey "Shithead" Keithley's Sudden Death Records eventually funded the release of the Real McKenzies' second album, Clash of the Tartans, in 1999. Loch'd & Loaded appeared two years later on Fat Wreck. The band returned to Fat Wreck for 2005's 10,000 Shots.
After spending the bulk of 2007 touring throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada, the Real McKenzies returned to the studio and announced the completion of their seventh album in March 2008. Off the Leash was released later that same year.

Since 1992 the band has toured the entire planet, released 8 albums, and revolved through more members than can be counted on two hands. The McKenzies are indebted to their thousands of fans across the globe and are committed to delivering crushing performances at all costs in appreciation of their audience.

The Real McKenzies have been described simply as a ‘Scottish-influenced Celtic Punk band’, but within their repertoire you’ll be swept away by jacked-up, traditional Scottish ballads, original hard-edge electric-folk songs, and Scottish-Canadian political commentary, most times more controversial than is socially-acceptable.

Now, nearly 20-years-secure in Canadian history, the band roster currently consists of 9 talented musicians (Not necessarily all in the same place at the same time).


1: Chip Download
2: The Lads Who Fought & Won
3: The Ballad Of Greyfriars Bobby
4: Kings Of Fife
5: Old Becomes New
6: White Knuckle Ride
7: The Maple Trees Remember
8: Anyone Else
9: My Mangy Hound
10: Too Many Fingers
11: Drink Some More
12: Guy On Stage
13: Culling The Herd

The Lads Who Fought & Won
( Lyrics not available in the Net )

That Serbian man
Assassinated Archduke Ferdinand
With What Would transpire
and set Europe afire .

On one side the Czar and the king
and on the other stood
the kaiser and Ottoman thang
The boys and the men and the girls
Were armed and mobilized
their forces aligned .

They craWled through the mud
and they cut through Wire
a constantassault of artillery fire
the curtain of shrapnel
took the flesh from the bone

They fell in the field
and they never got home .

They Were the lads
Who fought and Won .

Up over the bridge
a heavy fortress lies
Atop of the ridge
bristling With guns
Austro - Hungarian Empire dug in .

They fought through the night
like the Devil at daWn
The enemy captured
or dead on the ground
It Wasn' t achieved Without terrible loss
Posthomous aWard of Victoria Cross .

They Were the lads
Who fought and Won .

The Real Mc Kenzies Live in Athens - Greece 15 January 2010 at the "Sin City Club"

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