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Ministry : Animositisomina 2003

Al Jourgensen began Ministry in Chicago , Illinois in 1981.
His first band prior to Ministry was Special Affect with Groovie Mann (of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult) , drummer Harry Rushakoff (Concrete Blonde) and bassist Marty Sorenson . After that was the short-lived Silly Charmichaels , with Ben Krug , Tom Krug and Tom Wall (all of The Imports) .

The original line-up of Ministry consisted mainly of Jourgensen (vocals and guitar) , Stephen George (drums) , Robert Roberts (keyboards) , and John Davis (keyboards) , although with a few personnel changes , the band's image would begin to focus more on Jourgensen and Stephen George .

Ministry's original sound was essentially New Wave synth-pop that was more melodic and stylized than the aggressive music for which they would become known .

Ministry released four 12" singles on Wax Trax! Records from 1981 to 1984 (anthologized on Twelve Inch Singles that featured the club favorite "Everyday is Halloween").
Animositisomina is the eighth studio album by industrial metal band Ministry , released in 2003 . It is the group's first studio album and second overall release through Sanctuary Records , following the live album Sphinctour.


1. "Animosity" – 4:36 (Jourgensen, Barker, Brody, Grossman)
2. "Unsung" – 3:11 (Jourgensen, Barker, Svitek, Washam)
3. "Piss" – 5:10 (Jourgensen, Barker, Svitek, Washam)
4. "Lockbox" – 4:45 (Jourgensen, Barker, Brody, Svitek, Washam)
5. "Broken" - 4:52 (Jourgensen, Barker, Brody)
6. "The Light Pours Out of Me" - 4:26 (Devoto, Shelley, McGeoch)
7. "Shove" - 5:53 (Jourgensen, Barker, Brody)
8. "Impossible" - 7:43 (Jourgensen, Barker, Svitek, Washam, Kinslow)
9. "Stolen" - 4:09 (Jourgensen, Barker, Brody)
10. "Leper" - 9:00 (Jourgensen, Barker, Brody)


Drunk skinhead with an attitude
Doing circles like a shark with his food
If someone tries to turn the other cheek
He disappears in a yellow streak


The only world I know is drowning in rage
I'm underwater from my dreams to the stage
In any language that you learn to speak
Love is listed and defined as weak


Animosity and common hate
Feeds the hungry on an empty plate
A bitter taste and the promise of pain
Fills you up while the soul is drained!



Who's on trial?
The state says it's me
Or is it the lawyer I handsomely paid to go free
Or maybe the judge with the yellowing teeth
And the fuck you smile

Or how 'bout the bailiff who stinks of a longstanding battle of him and the drink
Or candidate #4 the zombified whore who types what you think

I'm not lying
I'm not clean
I'm not buying
What that means

How the fuck can you say that we won for the criminal sum you were paid
Then try and convince me I'm free as can be
You just sold me out and got nothing in trade
I know I'm not the smartest guy in the world
But I'm just not stupid enough to be thinking that having a record for filling my lungs
Is as good as it gets

Life on a razor
Die as a story

Five more years of pissing in little jars
So someone can say he's high as a kite
He's probably right
Let's put him away without further delay
There's no complaints since I'm not a saint or in jail
But if I should fail with a piss that has drugs on the forbidden list
Then they'll be coming to take you away

Live on a razor
Death could be gory

Size : 126 MB
Bitrate 320

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