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Motorhead : Iron Fist 45 rpm Vinyl Single 1982

Between 26 and 28 January 1982 , the band started recording their self-produced new album at Ramport Studios , before moving onto Morgan Studios to continue the sessions throughout February.

On 3 April the single "Iron Fist" was released , reaching #29 on the UK Singles Chart , followed by the parent album Iron Fist , released on 17 April and peaking at #6 on the UK Albums Chart.

They were the last releases to feature the Lemmy , Clarke , Taylor line-up , though the line-up continued to perform in the Iron Fist UK tour between 17 March and 12 April , and the band's first headling North America tour from 12 May until Clarke's last gig at the New York Palladium on 14 May.

Iron Fist is the fifth album by the British band Motörhead.

Released on 17 April 1982 , it peaked at #6 on the UK album charts .
It was preceded by the release of the title track "Iron Fist" as a single on 3 Apri l, which peaked in the UK singles chart at #29.

It was the final album to be recorded by the Lemmy , Eddie Clarke and Phil Taylor line-up .


Dark night nothing to see
Invisible hand in front of me
Scared to death there´s someone near
Scared to move but you can´t stay here

You know me, evil eye
You know me, prepared to die
You know me, the snake-bite kiss
Devils grip, the iron fist

Flying horse don´t make a sound
Flying hooves don´t touch the ground
Walk in circle lose your track
Can´t go on but you can´t go back

Moon eclipse and you know why
Ghost rider in the sky
Beast of evil devil hound
Tooth and claw they pull you down


I can't believe it, that I lost you,
Coulda made it happen, but it didn't come true,
Some other guy got you home and dry,
Only been the one, same old song,
Remember Me, I'm Gone

You're such a beauty, one of my best,
Could've stopped me running, could have beat the rest,
Now another face occupies my place,
Guess I'm not the one, the same old song,
Remember me, I'm Gone

I miss all the good times, you know your name,
You ain't mine no longer, it' a crying shame,
Now your old man got you in the slam,
Must have done you wrong, same old song,
Remember me, I'm Gone



Format : 7 inch (7" vinyl) 45 rpm

Country : UK

Label : BRONZE . Available by POLYDOR RECORDS

Year : 1982


Size : 16,4 MB
Bitrate : 320

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