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Nancy Sinatra : Nancy Sinatra 2004

Growing up as the child of one of the greatest icons in American music can't be easy,
but Nancy Sinatra managed to create a sound and style for herself fully separate from that of her (very) famous father,
and her sexy but strong-willed persona has endured with nearly the same strength as the image of the Chairman of the Board.

Nancy Sinatra was born in the Summer of 1940, while her father, Frank Sinatra, was singing with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra;

As the daughter of show business royalty, Nancy grew up in the spotlight,
and made her first appearance on television with her father in 1957.

It wasn't long before Nancy developed aspirations of her own as a performer she had studied music, dancing, and voice through much of her youth and in 1960 she made her debut as a professional performer on a television special hosted by her father and featuring guest star Elvis Presley,

After appearing in a number of movies and guest starring on episodic television, Nancy was eager to break into music, and she signed a deal with her father's record label, Reprise.

However, her first hit single, 1966's "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," made it clear she had the talent and moxie to make it without her father's help.

Sounding both sexy and defiant, and belting out a definitive tough-chick lyric over a brassy arrangement by Bill Strange (and with the cream of L.A.'s session players behind her), "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" was an immediate and unstoppable hit, and took the "tuff girl" posturing of the Shangri-Las and the Ronettes to a whole new level. A number of hits followed, including "How Does That Grab You," "Sugar Town," and the theme song to the James Bond picture You Only Live Twice. Nancy also teamed up with her father for the single "Somethin' Stupid," which raced to the top of the charts in 1967.

Nancy returned to the recording studio at the urging of longtime fan Morrissey, and in the fall of 2004 she released a new disc simply entitled Nancy Sinatra.

An ambitious set which included contributions from members of :

Sonic Youth,
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion,
and other contemporary rock performers.

The album's release was followed by more live work from Nancy, including a memorable appearance at Little Steven's International Underground Garage Rock Festival 2004,
in which she performed songs from her new album as well as "These Boots Are Made for Walkin" backed by an all-star band (including a horn section) and flanked by dozens of frugging go-go dancers.

1 Burnin' Down the Spark Burns
2 Ain't No Easy Way
3 Don't Let Him Waste Your Time Cocker ( PULP )
4 Don't Mean Nothing Yorn
5 Momma's Boy Moore
6 Let Me Kiss You Morrissey, Whyte ( SMITHS )
7 Baby Please Don't Go VanZandt
8 About a Fire Cordola, Lilly
9 Bossman Azzarto, Burns, Holt
10 Baby's Coming Back to Me Cocker
11 Two Shots of Happy, One Shotof Sad Bono , Edge ( U2 )


( Written by : Bono and Edge - U2 )

Two shots of happy, one shot of sad
You think he's no good, well he knew he was bad
Took him to a place, now he can't get back
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

We walked together down a dead end street
Mixing the bitter with the sweet
Don't try to figure out, what we might of had
Just two shots of happy, one shot of sad

He was a singer, some say a sinner
Rolling the dice, not always a winner
You said he was lucky, but hell he made his own
Not part of the crowd, not feeling alone

Under pressure, but not bent out of shape
Surrounded, he always found an escape
It drove him to drink, but hey that's not all bad
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Guess he was greedy, all of his life
Greedy with his children, his lovers, his wife
Greedy for the good things as well as the bad
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Well maybe it was talk, saloon singing
The chairs are all stacked, and the swingers stopped swinging
You said he hurt you, you put the finger on yourself
Then after you did it, you ran crying for his help

Two shots of happy, one shot of sad
He's not complaining, baby he's glad
You call it a compromise, well what's that
Two shots of happy, one shot of sad

Two shots of happy, and one shot of sad

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