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Adrian Belew : Young Lions 1990

Young Lions, released in May 1990 , is the fifth solo album by Adrian Belew, and his second on Atlantic Records. Released by Atlantic while Belew was on tour with David Bowie serving as musical director as well as guitarist, the album features vocal assists from Bowie on two tracks ("Pretty Pink Rose", written by Bowie; and "Gunman", co-written by Bowie and Belew).

The other songwriting collaboration on the album, however unwittingly, is with Nashville radio evangelist Prophet Omega.

With Frank Zappa (1977-1978)
With David Bowie (1979)
With Talking Heads (1979-1982)
With King Crimson (1981)
Belew has contributed to three Nine Inch Nails albums : The Downward Spiral, The Fragile, and Ghosts I–IV.

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1. Young Lions – 3:42
2. Pretty Pink Rose (David Bowie) – 4:43
3. Heartbeat (Belew, Bill Bruford, Robert Fripp, Tony Levin) – 3:59
4. Looking For A U.F.O. – 3:36
5. I Am What I Am (Belew, Prophet Omega) – 4:11
6. Not Alone Anymore (Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison) – 3:13
7. Men In Helicopters – 3:17
8. Small World – 3:45
9. Phone Call From The Moon – 3:38
10. Gunman (Belew, Bowie) – 3:51


Mike Barnett – String Bass on (9)
Adrian Belew – Vocals, Multi Instruments
David Bowie – Vocals on (2) and (10)
Van Kampen - percussion ensemble on (1)
Ellen Gieles – Percussion
Dree Van Beeck – Percussion
Willem Van Kruysdijk – Percussion
Mies Wilbrink – Percussion
The Prophet Omega – Spoken Words on (5)

Young Lions

Hot tribal night
underneath florescent skies
bonfires rage strange
wild waving shouting Picasso faces

In the guise of a lioness
the wind kisses her burning dress
you can fell her animal eyes
you can hear them cry,
"Be the jewel around my neck,
never a tear on my burning dress"

Lying, paralyzed,
a brave prey who lays dying
and is surrounded by angry spirits
hunters, guns, drums, and elephants

Why is this night quiet?
filled with trees filled with eyes
as she prowls around my feet
she throws back her head dress and cries,
"Now you will be mine,
be my young lion"

Why is this night quiet?
why the trees filled with eyes?
as she prowls around my feet
she throws back her head dress and cries,
"Be my young lion"

Year : 1990
Label : Atlantics Records
Made in : America
Format : Vinyl LP
Size : 86 MB
Bitrate : 320



  1. Fantastic album. The world needs more Belew!

  2. Hola friend! 1000 thanks por compartir éste disco de Adrian Belew y hacer éste blog tan interesante. Encontré music que no conozco, así que voy a seguir buscando en él. Te mando un abrazo desde Rosario, Argentina y thanks nuevamente por la Aspirine!

  3. Thank you very much.


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