Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lament For The Earth

I want to know if there is a way to escape
far away from the political lies
far away from the fat political War-pigs
who rule my world.

I want to know if there is a way to live free
loving my friends
loving my woman
and all of you
without kissing their dirty assholes .

I want to know why their thirst for power
can kill people in the streets
people who are against their scandals
against their shit lows
against their money in the banks of Swiss .

I want to know if we can save our planet
faraway from the Petrol Oil Companies
who rule and fuck this ground .

I want to know why they put Fascists goverments
in the heart of the Africa
making wars with children soldiers .

I want to know !!!

I want to know the God that they believe .
It's the same of mine ?

Is' t Christian ?
Is' t Allah ?
Is' t Budda ?
Is' t Something else ?

I want to know !!!

My God is the same of yours .

My God is nothing ! My God is everything !
I don't believe in Gods !
I have no God !
I believe in spirits !!!

I don't like presidents who kiss babys , in front of the TV for a vote .
I don't like presidents who kiss their wives in front of the TV ,
and then fucking not only their whores , but all the nation .

I want to know !

What is all about ?

About MONEY ?
About POWER ?
About their stupidity ?

I want to know !!!


Mother Earth

How do I Feel,
like dying every day ?

For what ?

How do I Feel like an innocent puppet , doing what ?
For what ?

Resistance ? Rebellion ?

To Who ?
To our Goverments ?
To our backdoormen ?
To our TV Programs ?
To our Relligion's Chiefs ?
To our false Politics ?

To Who ?

To my family ?
To myself ?
To you , fucking lazy , laying on your bed , watching pornos on your TV screen ?

Keep on masturbating my friend !

All the Earth will collapse down and you don't care !!!

I Want to know if the sky will dry us with tears of a Venom rain .
I Want to know if the sky will show us a Red Sun full of pain .
I Want to know if Human rage is here to stay .
I Want to know ...

And ...I Feel so sad !

Dominikos El Greco ( Painting )


  1. Possibly the best post I've read on a blog all year. Great stuff. I'd like to know as well....the only way we'll find out is if more people want to know! One thing I do know is that these are interesting times we're living in. Stay Free, Stay Strong and Keep On Keeping On!

  2. To Nuzz : Thanx my friend . But I don 't think that many people care about .And I feel so sad !

  3. Ti gamato pou eine re file .