Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Smoke : Live 1974

Sweet Smoke Live is the third release from the progressive jazz rock band Sweet Smoke. Released in 1974 it was their second record to feature only two tracks, the first being their debut effort Just A Poke.

It showcases the band's live talents with extended jamming, the guitar solos are the showcase.

It was recorded live in Berlin, Musikhochschule.

The last track is actually two songs that were combined during the LP engineering.
The tracks were later listed separately when three additional tracks were added to the 2000 CD re-release.

After the 1997 CD re-issue had already used a different cover than the original LP, the cover for the 2000 re-release was changed again, re-using the typographical design of the LP cover.


1 First Jam 19 : 04
2 Shadout Mapes 11 : 04
3 Ocean of Fears 6 :23
4 People Are Hard 7 : 59
5 Schyler's Song 8 : 52
6 Final Jam 13 : 47


Rick Greenberg – rhythm guitar, sitar
Marvin Kaminowitz – lead guitar, vocals, percussion
John Classi – percussion, sound effects
Andrew Dershin – bass guitar, percussion
Jay Dorfman – drums, percussion
Martin Rosenberg – tambura, percussion

CD Rip
Size : 161 MB
Bitrate : 320



  1. Ένα από τα καλύτερα live όλων των εποχών από μια απίστευτη μπάντα που έπαιξε με τα όρια της εποχής (και όχι μόνο). 3 δίσκοι, όλοι ένας και ένας. Ευτυχώς που υπάρχουν και τοποθεσίες που κάνουν προσβάσιμους στο κοινό δίσκους τέτοιας μουσικής ποιότητας. Μπράβο για τις επιλογές γενικότερα.

  2. @ Ορέστης : Αφού σου αρέσουν οι Sweet Smoke, πάρε κι έναν Arthur Brown τώρα για να στανιάρεις !!!
    Thank you very Grazie για τα καλά σου λόγια .