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The Hellacopters : High Visibility : 2000

When "Entombed" drummer/songwriter Nicke Andersson left after" Wolverine Blues" to pursue his rock side project, "The Hellacopters", on a full-time basis, a deep void was left in the band .
Andersson wrote a massive proportion of the lyrics and music on the first three Entombed releases.

(Entombed was a Swedish death metal band which formed in 1987 under the name of Nihilist. Though Entombed began their career as an early pioneer of Scandinavian death metal which initially differed itself from it's American counterpart with its distinct guitar tone, by the early 1990s their sound had broadened to include garage rock and other influences.
This new style would eventually be described as death 'n' roll. Entombed have been influenced by bands such as Autopsy, Slayer, Kiss, The Misfits, Motörhead and Discharge.)

Nicke Andersson (also known as Nick Royale), born 1 August 1972 is a singer, guitarist, drummer, songwriter and composer most known for his work as the singer and guitarist of the successful Grammy award winning rock band The Hellacopters as well as the former drummer for Swedish death metal band "Entombed."

In late 1994, Andersson formed "The Hellacopters" as a side project together with Dregen, Kenny Håkansson and Robert Eriksson, all of whom earlier had been roadies during Andersson's time in Entombed.

High Visibility silences all debates on Andersson's prolific talent, as it ushers in the rebirth of Michigan-styled rock à la the MC5 .
After the sloppy sludge rock masterpiece Supershitty to the Max!, the 'Copters flirted with straightforward, raw '70s rock appeal, succeeding on one album, Payin' the Dues, and failing on the other, Grande Rock.

All the other '70s rock revivalist bands springing up ! the Hellacopters aren't reviving anything , they're possessed with the spirit of it, and damn does it sound sweet.

In 2006 The Hellacopters joined forces with The Hives, Backyard Babies, The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Millencolin and embarked on a successful tour throughout Sweden.

In 2007 the band announced that they would be breaking up after the release of their 7th full length album 'Head off', a collection of cover songs which will be followed by a last tour through Europe and Scandinavia.

The band has left their garage origins and they turned to the sound of Pure Hard Rock .



1 Hopeless Case of a Kid in Denial Andersson 3:03
2 Baby Borderline Andersson 2:49
3 Sometimes I Don't Kow Andersson 2:26
4 Toys and Flavors Andersson, Kiesbye 3:32
5 You're Too Good (To Me Baby) Hargreaves, Kaplan, Love 2:27
6 Throw Away Heroes Andersson 3:18
7 No Song Unheard Andersson 4:00
8 Truckloads of Nothin' Andersson, Kiesbye 2:48
9 A Heart Without Home Andersson, Håkansson 3:50
10 No One's Gonna Do It for You Andersson, Håkansson 3:09
11 I Wanna Touch Andersson 2:31
12 Hurtin' Time Andersson, Morgan 2:28
13 Envious Andersson 4:01


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