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Lee Clayton : Naked Child 1979

His style has been described as in between rock and country.

His most successful album was 1979's Naked Child.

The songs' style was reminiscent of Bob Dylan and the single, "I Ride Alone", became very notable. In 1979, he went on a big world tour which became a huge success in America .


01. (03:11)  -  Saturday Night Special02. (05:14)  -  I Ride Alone03. (06:22)  -  10,000 Years-Sexual Moon04. (02:41)  -  Wind And Rain05. (05:04)  -  I Love You06. (04:14)  -  Jaded Virgin07. (05:25)  -  A Little Cocaine08. (04:41)  -  If I Can Do It (So Can You)09. (07:11)  -  INDUSTRY  ( VINYL  LP RIP )

BONUS TRACK : INDUSTRY ( From the Vinyl LP )

Industry - Lee Clayton lyrics

( Art Work By Urban Aspirines )

I grew up surrounded by fencese

electrified and three in a row.

With machine-gun nests at the entrances to town
and plants that at any minute could go .

They made the first atomic bomb 'cross the hill from where I played.

Me and the dog used to hide in the woods
when the guards were checking for strays.

I remember fire engines in the night flying out and terrified.

Physicists cracking beneath the strain and their children, my friends, terrified.

Industry - that 's why.

My father worked hard for thirty-two years
for a sweater and a watch a clock.

And a heartbeat that doesn‘t push blood very well
through veins as hard as a rock.

Three years away from retirement,
they forced him to take a new job.

And as the hatchet-man for the company clan,
he was hated and he was cursed like a dog.

But he kicked and he clawed,
he cursed back and he cried a tired man running on his pride.
He got the job done though it cost him his legs.

Thanks, Union Carbide.

Industry- -father forgive industry.

My brother works now in a sparkling clean room wearing clothes he could take to Mars.
One little tear in that airtight suit
and I doubt if he could get to his car.

And ain‘t it funny how all of the big boys
seem to always be packing their bags?
And headed somewhere that the water is clear.

And the air, don‘t make me gag.

- -it makes me sick and well.

Before we think ourselves blameless,
let's call a spade a spade.
It always takes two to the tango, my friend,
and we are half - half of this beautiful day.

Man Kind is sold out too cheaply for her cars

and her color TV's?

But I guess the price doesn 't matter too much.
when you're drug-crazed,

you're easy to please.

praise industry

of the people,by the people,for the people.
And yea though we walk through the valley of the shadows,

let us fear no evil
or industry.

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  1. Καταπληκτική δουλειά ρε παιδιά . Μπράβο σας . Σήμερα πρωτομπήκα στο Μπλογκ σας και έχω μείνει άφωνη .

  2. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

  3. Καταπληκτική μουσική. Μπράβο παιδιά

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  7. Εχω κουφαθεί τελείως που αυτός ο άγνωστος Ροκάς , ο Lee Clayton είναι το ΝΟ 1 Στο Blog . ???