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All About Eve : Winter Words 1992

All About Eve were a British rock band. The creative core consisted of the Coventry born Julianne Regan (vocals), and the Huddersfield born Andy Cousin (bass guitar), with other members changing over the years.

Julianne Regan, a former journalist, played bass in an early line-up of the Gothic rock group " Gene Loves Jezebel ", before leaving to join " All About Eve ", previously known as the Swarm. The initial core of " All About Eve " was Regan , guitarist Tim Bricheno , and bassist Andy Cousin.

Their self-titled debut album was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith and released in 1988. It included the UK hit single , "Martha's Harbour".

The album itself reached #7 on the UK Albums Chart, with much of its lyrical material drawing from hippie ideals , white magic and dreamlike fairy tales , the album's gentle folk rock inspired pop sound won the band many fans (nicknamed 'angels').

Their music was sometimes considered gothic rock by the media,some fans (who?) claimed the band did not play gothic rock after 1986 , though are connected mostly due to the engagements of ex-bandmembers in the musical scene of the time.

Studio albums

All About Eve 1988
Scarlet and Other Stories 1989
Touched by Jesus 1991
Ultraviolet 1992

Road To Your Soul

Behind me, a caravan weighed down
With bad dreams and ghosts of apologies
There's no room, no room inside
For a hitcher with a suitcase of pride

Before me, a stallion pulls like the moon
Sun through the trees tells me I'll be there soon
The wind cries, 'cause she saw me crying
About the times I find myself lying.

I must have fallen by the wayside
The wheels crack beneath my foolish pride
Give me a sign in your direction
And show me the road to your soul.

Unhitch the wagon 'cause it hinders me
I'll hitch my skirts up and go carelessly,
Barefoot and riding bareback
Wind in my hair, it feels like honesty.

Close the chapter on a journey
Burn the book and give me sanctuary,
In your arms it feels like...
In your arms it feels like...
It feels like home.


1. Our Summer
2. Flowers In Our Hair
3. In the Clouds
4. Martha's Harbour
5. Every Angel
6. Wild Hearted Woman
7. What Kind of Fool
8. Road to Your Soul
9. Scarlet
10. December
11. Farewell Mr Sorrow
12. Strange Way
13. The Dreamer
14. Paradise
15. Candy Tree
16. Drowning
17. Wild Flowers
18. Theft
19. Different Sky

Label : Phonogram Records
Made : in England
CD Rip
Size : 175 MB
Bitrate : 320

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