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Skin : Shame Humility Revenge 1988

Working under the Skin name for a second time, Gira and Jarboe here create another quietly intense listening experience, steering clear of Swans' nuclear-strength noise in favor of sparer and different songs and sounds -- indeed, on "24 Hours" it almost sounds like they're out to invent symphonic '70s lounge music!

Intended as a full complement to the Jarboe-sung first Skin album " Blood, Women, Roses " , Shame features Gira taking all lead vocals, with Jarboe providing harmonizing and background vocals. The result is demonstrated to excellent effect on the heavily-echoed, brooding opener "Nothing About You," with Gira singing at his most portentous and commanding.

His vocals here are as distinct as his more animalistic cries from earlier Swans days, but ultimately even more emotional and gripping. A bit of the old hectoring surfaces as well on "24 Hours," though even with a fairly strong drum program laying down the beat, Jarboe's wordless choir and the spacious arrangement keep things much more calm in comparison to, say, "Young God" or "Beautiful Child."

In addition to some of the same string players from Blood, further guest musicianship comes on Indian oboe courtesy of A. Kadir Dorvesh. The instrument's unearthly wailing adds immeasurably to the atmosphere conjured on "Everything at Once," a truly dark piece rhythmically driven by a persistent, echo-laden acoustic guitar, and more gently on "The Center of Your Heart."

In the latter, the oboe contrasts with Jarboe's wordless tones under a half-confessional, half-accusatory love lyric, delivered in a slow, spoken-word manner. Wrapping up with a ghostly acoustic cover of "I Wanna Be Your Dog," Shame fulfills its particular brief well.

By Ned Raggett

These atmospheric Dark tracks were recorded in London, October to December 1986 . Their instruments include piano, keyboards, cello, strings,violins, viola, double bass, acoustic guitar, Indian oboe,programmed drums and 'sounds.'


Side One

A1 Nothing Without You 5:43
A2 Everything At Once 4:22
Oboe (Indian) : A. Kadir Dorvesh
A3 Breathing Water 4:23
Violin : Chris Tombling
Arranged By (Strings), Double Bass : Bill McGee
Viola : Chris Pitzaladi
Cello : Martin McCarrick
Violin : Ginnie Ball
A4 The Center Of Your Heart
Oboe (Indian) : A. Kadir Dorvesh 4:55

Side Two

B1 Cold Bed 2:25
B2 24 Hours 4:13
B3 One Small Sacrifice 6:43
B4 Turned To Stone

Backing Vocals, Piano, Keyboards : Jarboe

Producer, Arranged : Michael R. Gira
Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Effects (Sounds), Acoustic Guitar : M. Gira


24 hours,
split three ways
because you bought one third,
you own everything.
shut off the possibility,
and wipe out imagination.

Now the world stands still.
I'll take it with me to my grave.
I'll take it with me to my grave.

Wrap your hands around my neck.
now choke me slowly,
but i won't die.
I know one thing,
and one thing only:
you are what you learn to need.

I'll surround myself with things that look like me.
I'll take them with me to my grave
I'll take them with me to my grave


( These are the Heretic Lyrics of SKIN )

Oh ! Jesus , oh Jesus :
You're my only girl , you're my only God .
Oh ! Jesus , oh Jesus :
I follow you now , forgive me now .
I'll follow you down , to a dirty black room
where the air is gone .

I'll lie down on the table
and I'll wait for you
to step inside me now .

Oh Jesus step inside me now
oh Jesus , you're my only girl .

I'll look into your eyes
until I loose my mind .

Get out of my mind ,
get out of this place ,
the air is gone .

You're my only girl , you're my only God .

If I drink your blood
I will be like you .

Girl , I want to be like you .
I will loose my mind ,
you're my only God
you're my only God .

Size : 90,7 MB
Label : Penguin Records
Made : in Greece
Format : Vinyl LP
Year : 1988
Bitrate : 320
Take it HERE


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