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The Fixx : Reach The Beach : 1983 Flac - MP3

A London-based new wave group that managed to sustain a successful career in America for several years in the mid-'80s," the Fixx " always flirted with the mainstream with their catchy, keyboard-driven pop.

"Reach the Beach" would go platinum by the end of the year, launching two more Top 40 singles "Saved by Zero" and "Sign of Fire." Despite all of their American success, the Fixx failed to break back into the British charts with Reach the Beach.

The Fixx returned in 1984 with Phantoms. While it performed well , it peaked at number 19 and went gold , it didn't match the success of Reach the Beach.

"Reach the Beach" is the second studio album by British new wave band The Fixx, released in 1983. The album reached number eight on the American albums chart, their highest to date there. It also contains their most well known and highest charting single, "One Thing Leads to Another", which reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100.

Anafi Island ( Greece ) - Roukounas Beach

The Fixx seemed to fade away before resurfacing in 1998 with Elemental. A year later, they returned with 1011 Woodland, a collection of re-recordings of their greatest hits.

Anafi Island ( Greece ) - Roukounas Beach


1 One Thing Leads To Another 3:18
2 The Sign Of Fire 3:51
3 Running 4:26
4 Saved By Zero 3:41
5 Opinions 4:49
6 Reach The Beach 4:00
7 Changing 3:25
8 Liner 3:39
9 Privilege 4:16
10 Outside 5:25

OUTSIDE lyrics

I stretch the mind that hides within
New pride,
I lose four walls that keep me tied
I breathe new air that reaches me
Fresh tide,
does all the cleansing life can give
no words will match this point of view
Chastise, I don`t belong as no-one owns
Washing, flowing, taking,
all my fears away
Rushing, blowing, touching,
gives all life a grace
Washing, flowing, taking,
all these fears away

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : MCA Records
Year : 1983
Made in : Greece
Genre : New Wave

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