Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candelilla : Reasonreasonreasonreason 2009

This is an other rare album coming from Germany
This is a great femmale group .

Members :
Lina Seybold : git, vox
Rita Argauer : piano, vox
Mira Mann : bass, vox
Sandra Hilpold : drums

In May 2008 their EP “…don’t rely on what others say.” was released.
Recorded and mixed by Martin M. Hermann, handmade and limited to 300 pieces with an artwork by Serena Ferrario. The customer decides how much he wants to pay.

In April 2009, Candelilla chopped lumber, started fires and lived the woods; and they recorded an album in an old mill near Furstenfeldbruck / Germany.
They were living there for three weeks in seclusion with Martin M. Hermann and Enzo Faltin. The product of this conclave, called reasonreasonreasonreason, will be released on 23th of October 2009 on Red Can Records / Munich / Germany. Distributed by Broken Silence.

Press Kit “…don’t rely on what others say.”
“The disputatious darlings of Munich’s scene: the women of Candelilla, playing their roaring, grumbling art rock and finally measure up to the compliments, they received the years before.” (Michael Zirnstein, Suddeutsche Zeitung, 10.07.2008) an Records / Munich / Germany. Distributed by Broken Silence.

Genre: Experimental / Indie
Location : Munchen, Salzburg, De Website
Record Label : Red Can Records
Type of Label : Indie

Sounds Like
reasonreasonreasonreason by candelilla..Aufgenommen und gemischt: Martin M. Hermann, Enzo Faltin (Syronic Adventures / In der Muhle / Furstenfeldbruck April 2009 - Juli 2009.. Mastering: Hans Wagner ( Artwork: Bernd Hofmann (Red Can).... vo 13/18: 8.2009.. vo reasonreasonreasonreason: 11.2009

  • Audio CD (November 27, 2009)
  • Label: red.can.records.
  • ASIN: B002X66RIS
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Size : 91 MB
Bitrate : 320