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Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine : DAVE The Mini Album 1997

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Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine were a duo, later threeo and eventually sixxo (back to a duo ten years later) formed by South London friends Jim Morrison and Les Carter who made their name with a mix of pop, puns, social commentary, loud guitars and electronic music.

They had fourteen top forty singles in the UK and released seven studio albums, one of which reached number one in the charts.
During their ten year career, Carter USM - as they became known - played nearly 800 live gigs all over the world.

In October and November 2007 they got back together for two gigs at the Brixton Academy and Glasgow Barrowlands. Following massive demand to do it again they've organised two more gigs for November of 2008 and now, they will perform their first four albums in full at the Kentish Town Forum on November 13th (Post Historic Monsters & 1992 The Love Album) and the Brixton Academy on November 14th (101 Damantions a& 30 Something). ..


1. Broken Down In Broken Town
2. A World Without Dave
3. Before The War
4. Nowhere Fast
5. Johnny Cash
6. And God Created Brixton

Broken Down In Broken Town Lyrics

Broken Down,
In Broken Town
Call the lifeguard,
To watch me drown
Send the boys around
I'm Broken down
In Broken Town.

My CV,
Says I watch TV.
I haven't worked,
Since 1993
Send the boys for me
I'm broken down
In Broken Town

In Broken Town,
Where nothing
ever works,
It get's
into your veins
And stains
your shirts
your ambition
And kicks
it to death
into your vision,
Till nothing is left

Child overboard,
Child ignored
In a childerens ward,
Life's to short,
For a life support.
That's broken down,

In broken town,
Where nothing ever works
Mispent youth on the roof of a church.
Your birthdays are belated
Your toys are dead
Board, frustrated and poisoned with lead

I don't want
to stagger
into mental health
Following a shadow
of my former self
If only
I believed
that I could
brerak away
But I know
I'll never leave
And so I guess
I'll stay...Forever
Broken Down,
In Broken Town.

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Island Music
Made : In England
Year : 1997

MP3 : Size : 57 MB - Bitrate : 320
Scans contain the complete Lyrics

Για τον Θείο που καραγουστάρει αυτή την μπάντα , αλλά αυτό δεν το έχει .


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    Ευχαριστώ, Kostas, κι εγώ δεν το είχα.

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