Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Only Ones : Baby's Got a Gun : 1980 (Remaster )

The quality of the songwriting on " Baby's Got a Gun" , while still strong, is near to the level of the first two albums,(Or not?) and significantly, the Only Ones recorded their only cover for this LP ("Fools," a hit for country singer Johnny Duncan, with Perrett dueting quite wonderfully with Pauline Murray of Penetration).

And while Perrett was still singing and writing well, the drug addiction that would haunt him for years was catching up with him during these sessions, and Baby's Got a Gun lacks some of the focus and energy of their earlier work. Baby's Got a Gun is clearly the weakest of the Only Ones' three original albums, but for all its faults there's plenty here that testifies to the band's strengths .

"Why Don't You Kill Yourself," "Strange Mouth," and "The Big Sleep" are splendid songs that show the band still had the goods, and "Trouble in the World" and "The Happy Pilgrim" confirm they could reach for a poppier sound without losing their personality in the process.

The Only Ones broke up a year after Baby's Got a Gun came out, but if it captured the sound of a band in decline, you can barely tell unless you're looking for the seams.

Ironically, it was the posthumous release of the sessions for John Peel's BBC show that, more than any of the proper studio releases, accurately displayed the muscle and smarts of this fine band.

There have been many rumors surrounding Perrett's life after the Only Ones, many of them involving an alleged heroin addiction. Perrett did continue to record and release solo projects during the '80s, including a project known as the One in the mid-'90s.


1. The Happy Pilgrim 2:34
2. Why Don't You Kill Yourself 2:44
3. Me and My Shadow 5:42
4. Deadly Nightshade 3:10
5. Strange Mouth 2:32
6. The Big Sleep 4:58
7. Oh Lucinda (Love Becomes a Habit) 3:10
8. Re-union 2:59
9. Trouble in the World 3:05
10. Castle Built on Sand 1:50
11. Fools 2:25
12. My Way Out of Here

Bonus Tracks

13. Baby's Got A Gun
14. The Big Sleep
15. Your Chosen Life

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