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Haig Yadjian : The Beast Οn The Moon 2000

Haig Yazdjian is a composer and a vocalist and a Oud player and a producer. He was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1959. His parents are Armenians from Caesarea,Cappadocia,modern-day Turkey. He has lived in Greece,which is where he began his interest in Eastern music.

His first album " BEAST ON THE MOON " was not that famous,but the second one " TALAR ",(You can find it on this Blog) ,accelerated his popularity.Yazdjian played on Loreena McKennitt's 2006 album " An Ancient Muse". Born in Siria from Armenian parents , he has been working and living for more than twenty years in Greece. It is here where he discovered the enchanting elements of the music from the East.

He can play various instruments such as the nay, cumbus, nashatkar or percurssion, but it is with the oud ( Outi ) with which he expresses his permanent musical search. This search , by the way , transcends time and geographical borders.

A musical journey through the Armenian landscape is offered to us here. Like the sound of water flowing over the stones and the sand. Kanun, taboura, flute, duduk, ney, shevi, riko, saz and daul, unite their sounds with the oud to project the vividness of the colors and scents of this land.

This feeling reaches its zenith in the song 'Kouyr Grounk', where Haig holds the leading role in the theatre of Armenian history, and aids the listener to feel this pain and anguish.

In the summer of 2000, Haig published BEAST ON THE MOON, an album that was a turning point on his musical search. During his career he has combined traditional music with new music from the East, and even with contemporary music. This combination of fresh audacity make his performances a real event for a public that is looking for the roots of traditional music with modern sounds.

In his concerts, Haig plays and sings traditional Armenian songs from his four records (TALAR, GARIN, THE BEAST ON THE MOON y YERAZ), but leaving always a space for improvisation . Those are unique moments, because the best musicians of the emerging Greek music are with him. A lot of these musicians are from the East
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1. Haig Yazdjian - Pari Lousou (Intro)
2. Haig Yazdjian - Pari Lousou
3. Haig Yazdjian - Home
4. Haig Yazdjian - Wedding
5. Haig Yazdjian - In My Face
6. Haig Yazdjian - The Pram
7. Haig Yazdjian - Evening Pray
8. Haig Yazdjian - Dream Of Life
9. Haig Yazdjian - Sirounner Mik Neghanak
10. Haig Yazdjian - Beast On The Moon
11. Haig Yazdjian - Aram And Seta
12. Haig Yazdjian - Despair
13. Haig Yazdjian - Vorsgan Akhber
14. Haig Yazdjian - My Life
15. Haig Yazdjian - Mer Dan (Vocal)
16. Haig Yazdjian - Mer Dan (Instrumental)
17. Haig Yazdjian - Mer Dan

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