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Moon Martin : Escape From Domination 1979

Born in Oklahoma in 1950, Martin gained recognition in the 1970s as a pop artist and composer. Originally a rockabilly artist, he wrote the songs "Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)", made famous by the English singer Robert Palmer, and "Cadillac Walk", made famous by the American singer Willy DeVille.

Martin scored two minor hits of his own with "Rolene" (#30 Billboard Hot 100) and "No Chance" (#50), both in 1979. His 1982 song, "X-Ray Vision" was an MTV hit music video.

He was given the nickname "Moon" because many of his songs had the word "moon" in the lyrics.
Singer/guitarist/songwriter Moon Martin issued several critically acclaimed yet commercially underappreciated releases from the late '70s through the early '80s, before reappearing in the mid-'90s.

By 1978, Martin (who by this time was known simply as Moon Martin) was finally ready to launch his solo career with his look and music often compared to such new wave hit makers as Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. A total of five albums in a five-year span followed, including such titles as 1978's Victim of Romance EP (whose track, "Bad Case of Lovin' You," would become a hit when covered by Robert Palmer), 1979's Shots From a Cold Nightmare/Escape From Domination (which scored Moon his sole hit single, "Rolene"), 1980's Street Fever, and 1982's Mystery Ticket, all of which were issued on the Capitol label .

Martin then dropped out of the music scene for the rest of the '80s and early part of the '90s, before resurfacing in 1995 with a pair of releases, Cement Monkey and Lunar Samples. The same year, the British label Edsel reissued Martin's first four full-length releases as two for one CDs (Shots From a Cold Nightmare being paired with Escape From Domination, while Street Fever was combined with Mystery Ticket).

Initial plans to record a solo album in 1974 with noted producer/arranger Jack Nitzsche failed to pan out, but several of Martin's original compositions began to be used by other recording artists, including the Nitzsche-produced Mink DeVille (the track "Cadillac Walk" subsequently became a moderate hit)


     01.I've Got A Reason     2:59    
    02.She Made A Fool Of You     3:36    
    03.Dreamer     3:02    
    04.Gun Shy     3:02    
    05.Hot House Baby     3:15

    06.The Feeling's Right     3:54    
    07.Rolene     3:35    
    08.No Change     2:40    
    09.Dangerous     2:53    
    10.Bootleg Woman 2:59

This is a very nice unknown alboum of this great artist .
Great Rock' n' Roll and pure sound as simple as it is .

Αυτό το άλμπουμ Γαμάει και Δέρνει Παιδιά . Λίγοι το ξέρουν και λιγότεροι το έχουν !
Πάρτε το .


  1. Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this! I used to have this on vinyl many, many moons ago, but a lot of my vinyl has long since vanished in a few cross-country moves over the past 25 years or so. I was really missing this album -- it's great to have these terrific songs back again to listen to! Thanks again, and keep up the great blog! You post some fantastic music!

    1. Many thanks for your comment my friend