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I - Roy and Dillinger : At King Tubby's Studio 2006


For several years from 1975, I-Roy engaged in an on-record slanging match with fellow DJ Prince Jazzbo, the two trading insults on successive singles, although in reality they were good friends. In 1976, I-Roy signed to Virgin Records with whom he would go on to release five albums. On occasion he would utilise The Revolutionaries as his backing band.

One of I-Roy's earliest hits was in 1972 with "Sidewalk Killer," a take on Tommy McCook's original "Sidewalk Doctor." This 45 was produced by Ruddy Redwood.

Reggae's move to the dancehall era in the 1980s saw I-Roy's popularity decline. This decline in popularity and recurring health problems led to periods of homelessness during the later period of his life.

He died in 1999 of heart failure, at the age of fifty-five.


As a young man growing up in Kingston, Dillinger would hang around Dennis Alcapone's El Paso sound system. This exposure would eventually lead to work in 1971, as a deejay on the Prince Jackie and El Paso sound systems,
initially influenced by Big Youth, U Roy, and Dennis Alcapone,[1] and performing as "Dennis Alcapone Jr.". The first record producer he worked with was Lee "Scratch" Perry, who decided that Bullock should change his name to Dillinger, after gangster John Dillinger.

Dillinger was known for his quick wit, humorous lyrics and vulgar content
"Cocaine In My Brain" was featured on the K-Jah reggae radio station K-Jah West in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

In 1978, along with Leroy Smart and Delroy Wilson, Dillinger was referenced by lyricist Joe Strummer in The Clash's track, "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais."


Tracks :

01. Love Is My Game
02. Forward Down Ya
03. Lick Up Your Chales
04. Set Up Yourself
05. Dreadful and Terrible
06. Too Much Sorrow
07. Samson Was the Stranger
08. Set the Captive Free
09. Be Still and Know Jah
10. Black Is My Colour
11. It a Go Dread
12. O Joh Jah   

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