Friday, January 24, 2014

The Jeff Healey Band : See The Light 1988

See the Light is the debut album by The Jeff Healey Band. It was released on September 13, 1988. It was #50 of the top 100 albums in Canada in 1989. In 1990 it was nominated for an "Album of the Year" Juno Award.

What made Jeff Healey different from other blues-rockers was also what kept some listeners from accepting him as anything other than a novelty -- the fact that the blind guitarist played his Fender Stratocaster on his lap, not standing up. With the guitar in his lap, Healey could make unique bends and hammer-ons, making his licks different and more elastic than most of the competition. Unfortunately, his material leaned toward standard AOR blues-rock, which rarely let him cut loose, but when he did, his instrumental prowess could be shocking.

Healey lost his sight at the age of one, after developing eye cancer. He began playing guitar when he was three years old and began performing with his band Blues Direction at the age of 17. Healey formed the Jeff Healey Band in 1985, featuring bassist Joe Rockman and drummer Tom Stephen.

In 2008, a month before the release of his last studio-recorded blues album, Mess of Blues, Healey died from cancer.


1. Confidence Man      John Hiatt     3:12
2. My Little Girl       Jeff Healey     3:10
3. River of No Return       Keith Reid, Jon Tiven, Sally Tiven     3:31
4. Don't Let Your Chance Go By       Healey     3:20
5. Angel Eyes       Hiatt, Fred Koller     5:19
6. Nice Problem to Have       Robbie Blunt, Jeff Healey Band     4:50
7. Someday, Someway       Martin Briley, Danny Tate     3:28
8. I Need to Be Loved       Healey     3:43
9. Blue Jean Blues       Frank Beard, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill     5:39
10.That's What They Say       Healey     4:27
11.Hide Away       Freddie King, Sonny Thompson     4:26
12.See the Light       Healey     4:26

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