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V.A : Girls Rewrite Rock 1997

This is a compilation of Greek Rock bands , all with female vocals ,and was published with the Greek Rock magazine " Voice " in 1997.
This CD was not for sale in the music stores .

Various : Girls Re-Write Rock
Label : Voice (3)– Voice 002
Format : CD, Compilation
Country : Greece
Released : 1997
Genre : Rock
Style : Electro, Indie Rock, Dark Wave. Post Punk


01. Sonar Blips : Wherever you are
02. Sound Devise : Flowers in your mouth
03. Ding An Sich (feat.Marina) : Comedy
04. Forward Music Quintet : For the wicked
05. This Fluid : Chink
06. Blue Birds Refused To Fly : Alchemy Of Love
07. Ding An Sich (feat.Maria) : Fun
08. Raw : Driven Mad
09. Ding An Sich (feat.Nadia) : Replica
10. Bokomolech : As a game
11. Jack Of All Trades : Heaven
12. Make Believe : Secret
13. Petunia Pig : Broken doll
14. Jack Of All Trades : Time
15. Sea Drunk Whale : June July August
16. Sonar Blips : Coincidence
17. Petunia Pig : Prisoner and Judge


Sonar Blips was a short lived band from Athens that was formed in the late 80’s.
Most of the members of the band, like the guitar player Nikos Levantis and the bass player George “Rakos” Kagialedakis were former members of several Greek punk rock and new wave bands during the 80’s that had no releases.

Sonar Blips’s sound was refreshing for the Greek underground scene and that is the main reason why they pretty soon were on heavy radio rotation.
Their music could be categorised as pop/new wave in the spirit of the English bands of the late 80’s/early 90’s, like the Happy Mondays, Soup Dragons, Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses and others.
The band released a same titled vinyl album in 1991 by Wipe out Records and soon their track "Coincidence" became a radio hit.  


First Chapter (1987 - 1991)

Ding An Sich was formed in 1987 in Athens - Greece. Their first formation included: Nick Sarikostas - bass , George Polizos - drums , Takis Merekos - voice , and a guitarist whose name is forgotten. He was replaced by Dimitris Papalakis just a while before the recordings for the first single were about to start.

In 1989 a 7 inch single named And / Wandering was released. In 1990 Vagelis Bekonopoulos joined the group as keyboardist. During that period, the guitarist Tasos Nomikos , replaced D. Papalakis. From 1988 until 1991, the band recorded the tracks which formed their first complete work named Old As Forever.New As Tomorrow. During this period, they performed some live shows too… the most remarkable of which are with Paul Roland and The Damned.

Second Chapter (1993 - 1996)

This period is distinguished for the substantial changes as far as the formation is concerned, but also their direction. Ding An Sich sustain as studio project only. The trinity consists of: Maria Batistatou - voices , George Ginis - Various / Effects , Nick Sarikostas - Programming / Keyboards , Some good friends of the band, offered a helping hand, and the album The Wanderer & His Shadow was released at the dawn of 1996.

Third Chapter ( 1996 - 2004)

Starting point of this period could be regarded any year after 1996.


Greek New Wave/Darkwave band.
Formed in 1981 by two members of Παρθενογένεσις (Parthenogenesis), George Makridis (bass) and Takis Polichronopoulos (vocals). Members were also Natassa Streuberg (keyboards), Elle (guitar and vocals) and Nick (drums).
In Septemeber 1982, they supported New Order at their concert in Athens. Within the same year they toured with 10 Greek cities.


This fluid were formed in 1995 by Spyros Faros (composer, musician, performer), Makis Faros (visual artist, director, musician) and Anna Maratou (music therapist, musician). This line up of the group released ‘Flud’ a CD/2lp in 1997 and created stage performances of their music at Fournos Theater and elsewhere. The next releases were the ep ‘spiral’ (1999) and the cd ‘lips like poppy’ (2000), with a new line up that included Nicoleta Chatzopoulou (musician, composer) and Panagiotis Tsagkas (musician, director of photography). In parallel to producing and releasing music, they create music for modern dance productions.

In 2008-9 the group, whose dynamically shifting membership (the only constants members being Spyros and Makis Faros) now included Thanos Vavaroutas / Housework (musician, composer), releases the CD ‘heartbreak hotel’.
They also participate in the art exhibit ‘the portrait of museum’ at Averof art museum in Metsovo, with the sound instalation ‘For 3 days I was walking’ and create the sound environment for Nefeli Kontarini’s ‘2 eyes only’ art exhibit on all floors of the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art.


Members :
Eva K., George Dedes, George Priniotakis, Kyriakos Poursanides

Blue Birds Refuse To Fly was originally a song by Wasteland, a greek indie band in which both Kyriakos P. participated (as keyboard player and lead vocalist - guitar player respectively) from 1989 to 1998. The band split up in ‘98 and Kyriakos P. chose this song to be the name of his personal music journey.
Hailing from Greece, this band got their start a few years ago original as the solo project of Kyriako P, but was joined by vocalist Eva K. and George P. for a solid, futurepop band. Their sound shows the fresh direction of this band with Eva's siren-like vocals leading the way over a tapestry of solid, pounding elctronic music. Their albums are presented with cool artwork.


Alternative Rock band formed in 1991 in Athens, Greece.
Their name is a misspelling of the name of Ukrainian physiciologist Alexander A. Bogomoletz (1881-1946) who made research on the prolongation of life, producing also a serum of the same name.

On 13/7/1996 they performed live at 'Rock Of Gods' (Pireaus) along with 'Violent Femmes', 'Jesus And Mary Chain, The', 'Paradise Lost', 'Dead Moon' & 'Bad Religion'.
On 16/7/1998 they performed at 'Rockwave Festival' (Pireaus) along with 'Pulp', 'Sonic Youth', 'Closer (2)', 'Puressence' & 'Τα Ξύλινα Σπαθιά'.
They performed live at Indie Free Festival (Athens) in 1992, 1993 & 2010.


"Jack Of All Trades" was a greek undergound psychedelic rock group.
They released a self-titled mini-album in 1990 and an album in 1995, titled "just Before unfair Loss".
They were in existence for almost a decade (mid-80's to mid-90's) and disbanded unexpectably, because of the death of Panagiotis Kiritsis (guitarist) in a car accident.
Άγης Γράβαρης, Βίκυ Βαρύτη, Ηλίας Πορτοκαλάκης, Μάριος Πεφτίτσης, Νίκος Βαρύτης, Παναγιώτης Κυρίτσης


Alternative Rock band from Athens, Greece.
On 12/12/1992 they performed live at Steki F.L.S. (Thessaloniki) along with 'Honeydive'.
They disbanded in 2000.
On 10/5/2012 they reformed for a benefit gig at Τώρα K44 (Athens), where they performed along with 'Three Way Plane' & '45Rats'.

Vocals & lyrics: Flora Ioannidi
Guitar: Tasos Nikogiannis (1991-1993), Diamantis Kazouris (1993-2000)
Bass: Yiannis Velis
Drums: Takis Koulis (1991-1997), Giorgos Apostolou (1997 - 2000)


Punk Rock band formed in 1988 in Patra, Greece.
They self-released a demo cassette in 1990.
They disbanded in 1992.
The “Petunia Pig” began as a four-woman band in late 1988 in Patras. The founding members were the voice of Cherry, Ada bass, guitar and Ioanna Litsa drums. Shortly afterwards came the drums Nick Pispiris (ex “Wicker Carrot”, “SS Party”, “‘vision zero”) and the band began work on his own pieces. In ‘91 they recorded and released a demo tape with ten songs.

That same year involved with the song “A Dream So Grey” in eftaintsi collection “Fragmenta II” of the fanzine “Shadows B-23” and the song “The End” in kasetosyllogi of “Radio Utopia” titled “You Ain ’ t Got No Friends No More “. The ‘91 departed Joanna and location of the band got Costas Vassilakis. The band continued in this composition by dissolution, one year later. Before disbanding had stopped playing and moved into shops in a clean diy ideological background. In ‘97, he released the second edition of the magazine “Voice”, a collection of “Girls Re-write Rock” with two pieces of “Petunia Pig”, the “Broken Doll” and “Prisoner And Judge”.

After the dissolution Costas Pispiri built with the “Madonna’s Cant” and later “No Logo”. The Cherry played bass on “Shit Hit The Fan” and later found to sing the “Pop In Noise”.


Sea DrunkWhale (alias Sea Drunk Whale) was a short lived pop group of Athens, Greece. Band formed in 1994 and split in 1998. The band’s lineup consisted of Joseph B. (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Helen K. (vocals, percussion) and Harris A. (drums, percussion). They released three songs in three magazine music compilations (Audio, Voice and Lemon) in 1997. Band’s main influences were punk, dub, UK guitar pop, world music and 80’s electrosynth music.

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