Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Fall : Live CD Box CD 5

This is the last one ,  number 5 CD of the bootleg compilation :
The Fall – Touch Sensitive... Bootleg Box Set

This is a UK limited release, but copies were also distributed in the US with a different barcode and catalog number on a sticker over the printed UK barcode.

Concorde 2, Brighton, England. 17th April 2001


01. The Joke         3:03
02. Two Librans      4:18
03. F-'Oldin' Money  2:39
04. Cyber Insekt     3:22
05. Dr Buck's Letter 4:47
06. Mr Pharmacist    2:27
07. I Am Damo Suzuki 5:06
08. Touch Sensitive  3:47
09. Ketamine Sun     4:36
10. Way Round        4:32
11. Antidote         4:29
12. Hot Runes        3:06
13. Ibis-Afro Man    4:12
14. Paintwork        3:04
15. And Therein...   4:18


  1. Thought we'd heard it all then BAM! What a GOLDMINE. Much thanks Kostas. Rare Mark E Smith poetry here:



  2. Thanks brother! I swear I didn't follow you here PV it's just that great mind thing. Glad to see this blog still standing. You are all legends in your own time for services rendered. Letting people hear music otherwise locked away and sold on occasion to the highest bidder before being turned out in the back alley. Without even a thank you mind you. What the hell am I even saying. Oh, yeah. Thanks friend!