Monday, May 21, 2018

Tangerine Dream : Ricoscet 1975

Ricochet is the first live album and seventh album overall by German electronic music group Tangerine Dream, released in 1975. It consists of two side-long compositions mixed from recordings of the UK and France portions of their August–October 1975 European Tour.

The sound of the album is similar to that of the group's other "Virgin Years" releases, relying heavily on synthesizers and sequencers to produce a dense, ambient soundscape, but is much more energetic than their previous works.
Ricochet uses more percussion and electronic guitar than its predecessors Phaedra and Rubycon, and borders on electronic rock.

The main innovation on the album is the use of complex, multi-layered rhythms, foreshadowing the band's own direction in the 1980s and trance music and similar genres of electronic dance music.

Electronic trio Tangerine Dream embrace their equipment and take their audience on an actual journey through this especially good, two-part showcase recorded live in France and Britain.

Featuring the early and memorable lineup of Chris Franke, Edgar Froese, and Peter Baumann, Ricochet continuously evolves to the next plateau of pulsing experimentation without getting lost or over-indulgent like other bands of the genre.

This album finds the three at a time when they knew exactly what they were doing; rocking without the drums, and looking over their shoulder to make sure the audience was still enjoying themselves.


    Edgar Froese – keyboards, guitar
    Peter Baumann – keyboards
    Christopher Franke – keyboards, drums


1. Ricoscet Part 1
2. Ricoscet Part 2

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