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Died Pretty : Free Dirt 1986

Died Pretty was formed in 1983 in Sydney after vocalist Ron Peno had left his previous band, Screaming Tribesmen. Peno had been a member of Sydney punk band The Hellcats (as Ronnie Pop, 1977), and followed with The 31st (in Brisbane, 1979–1981) and Screaming Tribesmen (Brisbane then Sydney, 1981–1983).

In April 1983, music journalist and keyboardist Frank Brunetti of Super K had formed a duo with lead guitarist and vocalist Brett Myers from The End (in Brisbane then Sydney).
Myers was a fan of American group Velvet Underground and the duo modelled themselves after experimental New York protopunk band Suicide.

Brunetti suggested Peno join as singer and their first five performances were in Brisbane under the name Final Solution, after the song by Pere Ubu.[4] Peno provided the name Died Pretty, and on drums, they recruited Rob Younger (Radio Birdman, Super K) for two months.

After various bass guitarists, Jonathan Lickliter joined and Younger was replaced by Colin Barwick both from The End with Myers.

Free Dirt is the first full-length album by Australian alternative rock band Died Pretty, released in 1986. The album was repackaged in 2008 by Aztec Music with a second CD containing seven singles and six live recordings from 1986.

The band's first full-length album found the group starting to come into its own more and more. While the various influences that can be referred to are still present, Died Pretty are starting to sound more like a group finding a distinct sound instead of taking a cue from good influences.

Helped in the studio by a variety of guests on everything from sax to pedal steel guitar, and with good, full production from Rob Younger continuing the job he started with the Pre-Deity tracks, Free Dirt is a fine, fiery effort.

"Wig-Out" serves as good an example of its quality as any -- with martial drumming and a very Celtic drinking tune atmosphere made just that much more intense by being performed on rock instruments; it shows how the band hotwires the past for its own purposes. Opening song "Blue Sky Day" is, perhaps, the band's best-yet, an energetic but never overbearing rocker with a comfortable glow and surge to it, Brett Myers' really wonderful guitar matched by the additional performances on mandolin and violin.


    Frank Brunetti – keyboards
    Tim Fagan – saxophone
    Graham Lee – pedal steel
    Mark Lock – bass
    Brett Myers – guitar, vocals
    John Papanis – mandolin
    Ron S. Peno – vocals
    Louis Tillett – piano
    Julian Watchhorn – violin
    Chris Welsh – percussion, drums

Track listing

01. Blue Sky Day – 3:29
02. Round and Round – 2:41
03. Wig-Out – 3:06
04. Laughing Boy – 3:34
05. Through Another Door (Myers) – 3:17
06. Life to Go (Landsakes) – 5:31

07. Just Skin (Myers) – 6:37
08. The 2000 Year Old Murder – 4:31
09. Next to Nothing – 6:47
10. Stoneage Cinderella (Atkinson, Myers, Peno) – 3:19


    Free Dirt (August 1986)
    Lost (June 1988)
    Every Brilliant Eye (1990) – AUS #79[5]
    Doughboy Hollow (1991) – AUS #24[5]
    Trace (1993) – AUS #11[5]
    Sold (1996) – AUS #29[5]
    Using My Gills as a Roadmap (1998)
    Everydaydream (2000)

Label : What Goes On
Format : Vinyl, LP, Album
Made in : France
Country : Australia
Released : 1986
Genre : Rock
Style : Alternative Rock 

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