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Plan 9 : Keep Yoyr Cools And Read The Rules 1985

Plan 9 is an American neo-psychedelic band from Rhode Island formed in 1979.
The group was named for the 1950s science fiction film Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Featuring four guitars and a sound straight from those psychedelic '60s, Rhode Island's Plan 9 dealt with little except period covers on their first album, 1982's Frustration. The group added a batch of originals on

Plan 9 started big playing their first show at a Sire Records showcase in New York City and never really

As the ‘90s approached, like their lineup Plan 9’s sound expanded to include elements of free jazz, further tripping things out.
Whether it was a concession to adulthood, or just that it was financially impossible to break even with a band that could at a given time have up to seven or eight members, Plan 9 became prone to hibernating for prolonged stretches since the end of the century.

Plan 9 may only do a show every few years, but their legend continues to grow. It just so happens that Plan 9 were at work concocting a new record when the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame induction came down the pipe.

Plan 9 interview with Deborah DeMarco

It's Psychedelic Baby

1. When was Plan 9 born and why the name Plan 9?

Plan 9 is actually a really bad movie, you may have seen.  it's called Plan 9 From outer Space, by Ed Wood.  It features an odd mix of characters...when we took the name, noone really knew about that movie, and we were an odd mix.

2. How do you remember some of the early sessions you had?

I recall some fearless New York, a battle of the garage bands with the Chesterfield Kings, Slickee Boys, Smithereens, Zantees, Unknowns, Fleshtones, Fuzztones and later the Mad Violets.

3. Frustration is your first LP from 1982. Would you like to share some memories about it?

the song was written by William Hay (go away, black bear, go away) and Greg Shaw thought it would make a good extended side.  He was right.  The maze, incidently, has no solution, hence  frustration.

4. Next year you released Dealing With the Dead. The album is really amazing! All the songs are original except great version of Human Beinz song.

Yah, Keep On Pushin'..Mike Ripa sang...he played a Burns Bison and kept a lit cigarette in the headstock, always.  That album was scary to produce, and we were at Trod Nossell for a while with it.  We kept recording songs we had been working n for about a year or maybe two. There were many tracks to mix and some of them ended up going to Europe for Patrick Mathe's New Rose label.  Then we combined everything and rereleased all of those tracks together. Rick Sloane did some new artwork for the Criswell Predicts reissue.

5. After Dealing With the Dead you released several albums like Keep Your Cool and Read the Rules, Live - I've Just Killed a Man I Don't Want to See Any Meat, Sea Hunt and Ham and Sam Jammin'. Would you like to tell me something about this releases?

The Live LP you mention was recorded at a number of East Coast venues, and then edited together.  We owed Midnight an LP, as a contractual that allowed us to move along. We wanted to work with the Enigma people. We released 3 LPs and and an EP with them in 4 years.  We loved working in San Marcos Texas at The Fire Station, owned by Doug Sahm.  Those Sea Hunt sessions took about 3 weeks, and we had these caterpillars take up residency on our truck, sorta like Body Snatchers.  Keep Your Cool was recorded at Trod Nossell. We love the Street Of Painted Lips jam on that LP.

6. I always liked that dark zombie atmosphere you combinated with psychedelic sounds. How did you get this kind of sound out?

Layers and layers of guitars,  vox organ and reverb.

7. If we go back a bit. Since I'm a huge underground psych fan, I would like to ask what are some of the less known psych albums that you love?

The bands that influenced us early on are no longer considered lesser known...but the early Texas punk records are favorites still, and certain west coast bands Tripsichord, Mad River, Love, Spirit..and NW favorites the Sonics, hippie commune records...MC5, Litter of and of course The Painted Ship..


    Eric Stumpo
    Debora D
    John DeVault
    Harry Keithline
    Mike Meehan (1979 -1984)
    Alex Nagle
    John Florence
    Brian Thomas (1985)
    Brent Hosier (1985-86)
    Evan Laboissionniere
    Steve Anderson



01. That's Life     5:44
02. Poor Boy     4:09
03. The Beast Was An Old Tale     3:33
04. For Hillary     3:03
05. Machines     3:17
06. Face In The Box     1:25


07. 11th Hour     2:09
08. Street Of Painted Lips     6:54
09. King Nine Will Not Return     4:09
10. Keep Your Cool     3:36
11. Hot Day     4:53

Label : Enigma Records  VG 50169, Virgin  VG 50169
Format : Vinyl, LP
Country : U.S.A
Made in : Greece
Release : 1985
Genre : Rock
Style : Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock 


  1. Great post and great band. I have this vinyl and recently I bought a copy of "sea hunt" in a little market.
    Thank You

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