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Them: The Story Of Them Featuring Van Morrison (The Decca Anthology 1964-1966) (EU version) 1997

Them were a Northern Irish rock band formed in Belfast in April 1964, most prominently known for the garage rock standard "Gloria" and launching singer Van Morrison's musical career. The original five member band consisted of Morrison, Alan Henderson, Ronnie Milling, Billy Harrison and Eric Wrixon. The group was marketed in the United States as part of the British Invasion.

Them scored two UK hits in 1965 with "Baby, Please Don't Go" (UK No. 10) and "Here Comes the Night" (UK No. 2; Ireland No. 2). The latter song and "Mystic Eyes" were Top 40 hits in the US.
Morrison quit the band in 1966 and went on to a successful career as a solo artist. Despite their relatively few hit singles, the Belfast group had considerable influence on other bands, such as the Doors.

 Them's first recording session took place in London on 5 July 1964. "Turn on Your Love Light" and "Gloria" were recorded during this session as were both sides of their first single, "Don't Start Crying Now" and "One Two Brown Eyes" as well as "Groovin'", "Philosophy" and Bo Diddley's "You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover". This session was remarkable in its employment of two drums tracks, which can be clearly heard in the stereo mixes of "Gloria" and "One Two Brown Eyes".

Their next single, Big Joe Williams's "Baby, Please Don't Go" substituted Andy White on drums, Phil Coulter on second keyboard, and added Jimmy Page on rhythm guitar. Lead guitar was the work of Billy Harrison. It was released in November with "Gloria" as its B-side. In December 1964, Them made their television debut, joining The Rolling Stones, on Ready Steady Go! Their manager, Phil Solomon got the track used as the show's signature tune and within two weeks it was at No. 19 on the UK Singles Chart, eventually peaking at No. 10.

Morrison recalled his days with Them with some bitterness, noting that the heart of the original group was torn out by image-conscious record company politics, and that sessionmen (including Jimmy Page) often played on recordings. In addition to hits, Them released a couple of fine albums and several flop singles that mixed Morrison compositions with R&B and soul covers, as well as a few songs written for them by producers like Bert Berns (who penned "Here Comes the Night").

After Morrison left the group, Them splintered into the Belfast Gypsies, who released an album that (except for the vocals) approximated Them's early records, and a psychedelic outfit that kept the name Them, releasing four LPs with little resemblance to the tough sounds of their mid-'60s heyday.

The Story Of Them Featuring Van Morrison (The Decca Anthology 1964-1966) (EU version)
Year: 1997
Country: Germany
Record Label: Deram
Catalogue #: 844 813-2


Disc 1

01. The Story of Them, Pts. 1 & 2  7:21
02. Don't Start Crying Now  2:06
03. Gloria  2:38
04. Philosophy  2:38
05. One Two Brown Eyes  2:35
06. Baby Please Don't Go  2:42
07. Here Comes the Night  2:48
08. All for Myself  2:49
09. One More Time (single version - mono)  2:49
10. Little Girl  2:49
11. I Gave My Love a Diamond  3:04
12. Go on Home Baby  2:34
13. My Little Baby  2:03
14. Mystic Eyes  2:44
15. Don't Look Back  3:23
16. You And I Could be As One 2:51
17. I Like It Like That  3:19
18. I'm Gonna Dress in Black (version 1)  3:31
19. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66  2:25
20. Just a Little Bit  2:22
21. You Just Can't Win  2:22
22. Bright Lights, Big City  2:32
23. Baby What You Want Me to Do  3:30
24. I'm Gonna Dress in Black (version 2)  3:36
25. One More Time  (stereo)  2:47

Disc 2

01. How Long Baby [Single Version]  3:40
02. (It Won't Hurt) Half As Much  3:03
03. Something You Got  2:32
04. Call My Name  2:21
05. Turn On Your Lovelight  2:21
06. I Put A Spell On You  2:38
07. I Got A Woman  3:14
08. Out Of Sight  2:23
09. It's All Over Now Baby Blue  3:50
10. Bad Or Good  2:10
11. Hello Josephine  2:06
12. Don't You Know  2:25
13. Hey Girl  3:04
14. Bring 'Em On In (UK Album Version)  3:16
15. Times Gettin' Tougher Than Tough  2:16
16. Stormy Monday  2:43
17. Friday's Child  3:29
18. Richard Cory (Version 1)  2:45
19. My Lonely Sad Eyes  2:31
20. I Can Only Give You Everything  2:42
21. Could You, Would You  3:10
22. Bring 'Em On In (Mono Version)  3:44
23. Richard Cory (Version 2)  3:50
24. Call My Name (Single Version)  2:20


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