Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fischer - Z : Word Salad 1979

Fischer-Z were a British rock band formed in 1976 by John Watts and Steve Skolnik at Brunel University. The original line-up consisted of John Watts (vocals, guitar), David Graham (bass), Steve Skolnik (keyboards), and Steve Liddle (drums).

Fronted by the enigmatic John Watts (vocals/guitar), Fischer-Z leaped onto the music scene in 1979 with their quirky debut album, Word Salad. This quartet (also featuring Steve Skolnick on keyboards, Steve Liddle on drums, and David Graham on bass) played a rough-and-tumble form of new wave that was equal parts Roxy Music and Talking Heads with art pop and prog rock leanings. Watts' vocals were extremely distinctive, veering from a low baritone to a higher register that was not unlike Pete Townsend on helium.

Although this schizophrenic debut didn't set the charts on fire, they did score a few minor hits with "The Worker" and "First Impressions (Pretty Paracetamol)" (a tamer re-recording of the album's opening track). Their second album, 1980's Going Deaf for a Living, was a far more cohesive effort, less prog rock and more melodic than their debut.

It even contained a bona fide hit in "So Long" which even drifted over to the U.S. and garnered impressive radio play.

By the time Red Skies Over Paradise was released in 1981, Skolnick was gone and Watts' musical vision was more direct and less arty than before. Although European sales for this album were FZ's strongest yet, it was passed up for release in the U.S. (as has been the case with all of the subsequent FZ albums).

Realizing that his musical vision belonged to him and only him, Watts chose to end FZ on a high note and continue as a solo artist.

Label : Liberty – 1A 038 1575091
Format : Vinyl, LP, Album
Made in : Europe
Released : 1979
Genre :  Rock
Style : New Wave, Pop Rock


Side ONE

A1         Pretty Paracetamol     3:58    
A2         Acrobats     3:38    
A3         The Worker     3:33    
A4         Spiders     1:41    
A5         Remember Russia     3:32    
A6         The French Let Her     3:20


B1         Lies     3:55
B2         Wax Dolls     2:44    
B3         Headlines     3:22    
B4         Nice To Know     2:47    
B5         Billy And The Motorway Police     2:07    
B6         Lemmings     2:59    

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