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VA - The Finest Hours Of U.S. 60's Punk

Various – The Finest Hours Of U.S. 60's Punk
Label:Eva Records – EVA 12039
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Mono
Country: France
Released: 1984
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock  [discogs]

A1 Mourning Reign – Satisfaction Guaranteed
A2 Mourning Reign – Our Fate
A3 Bare Facts – Bad Part Of Town
A4 Bare Facts – Georgiana
A5 Precious Few – The Train Kept A' Rollin'
A6 Precious Few – I Don't Mind
A7 T.C. Atlantic – Faces
A8 T.C. Atlantic – Mona
B1 Apollos – That's The Breaks
B2 Apollos – Target Love
B3 Sands – Open Your Eyes
B4 Sands – Can't Find A Way
B5 Black & Blues – Come To Me
B6 Black & Blues – Bye Bye Baby
B7 Mystic Tide – Mystic Eyes
B8 Mystic Tide – Mystery Ship

An almost random compilation of 16 rare garage tracks: two each by the Mourning Reign, Bare Facts, Precious Few, T.C. Atlantic, Apollos, Sands, Black & Blues, and Mystic Tide. Much of it's pretty routine, even forgettable; it's for the devoted aficionados who pick up virtually every '60s punk comp they can find. The Mourning Reign manage a decent Chocolate Watch Band-like groove on "Satisfaction Guaranteed," and the two Mystic Tide tracks are creepy psychedelia that sound like a crude Doors, but these songs are now more widely available on other reissues. Also good is T.C. Atlantic's brilliantly hazy psychedelic number "Faces" (although that was already issued on Pebbles), and their studio version of "Mona," neither of which are on the T.C. Atlantic album that Eva put out.
Review by Richie Unterberger  [allmusic]

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  2. any chance of other file server? filecloud says file doesn't exist...

  3. Hi
    satisfaction guaranteed is one of my fav songs, from the days that i heard it in the first lp of chesterfield kings .
    i loved the original versions of mourning reing but the cover of chesterfield is my first love...
    greetings from italy

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