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Tai Phong : Windows 1976

Tai Phong is a French progressive rock band formed by two Vietnamese brothers Khanh Mai (guitar, voice) and Tai Sinh (bass, guitar, voice, keyboards), in 1975. They were joined by Jean-Alain Gardet (keyboards), Stephan Caussarieu (drums, percussions) and Jean-Jacques Goldman (guitar, voice, violin).
The sound is comparable to Camel, and Novalis, but the most telling description is 'France's answer to Barclay James Havest.

They released three albums between 1975 and 1979 : Tai Phong (1975), Windows (1976) and Last Flight (1979). Sister Jane (1975), the first single from their first album, was a radio hit.

The first incarnation came together in 1972, and included an American and a German (keep telling yourself this is a French band). They were in the process of recording, when contract disputes broke out. Because the brothers refused the terms (thus leaving them without a deal), the other two members left. Soon after, they would be replaced by keyboardist Jean Alain Gardet, and the now famous (or infamous)

In 1973, they again entered the studio. However, more artistic disputes, and contract haggling, with recording executives would keep them from releasing anything for the next couple of years. By 1974, they had a contract they could live with, but still needed a drummer. They chose 17 year-old Stephan Caussarieu. The classic lineup of Tai Phong was now complete, and would remain intact for the first two albums. This was also a potent combination of talent and ego.

After the release of 1976's "Windows," some of the members branched out. Jean-Jacques dabbled in some solo work, and Gardet recorded an album with Alpha Ralpha. It is during this period that trouble started brewing. "Windows" did not sell very well, and the band spent all the money from the first album on a new sound system. Goldman did not wish to perform live, which was a serious problem considering his contribution to the band's sound. This disheartened Jean Alain, causing him to exit. The band went on tour in 1977 with bassist Michael Jones also taking over lead vocal, but it just wasn't working. They decided to cancel any remaining shows, and just concentrate on studio work. This is the moment when brother Tai left.

After much turmoil, they released 1979's "Last Flight," but the magic was gone. By 1980 interest in the band was waning, and they were in yet another contract dispute. Rather than push ahead with a fourth album, the band broke up. 

This is one of the greatest Progressive albums  ever . And it's very rare .

Track List:

01.When It's The Season (Jean-Jacques Goldman) - 8:12
02.Games (Khanh Mai) - 4:07
03.St. John's Avenue (Khanh Mai, Tai Sinh) - 7:44
04.Circle (Jean Alain Gardet) - 5:29
05.Last Chance (Tai Sinh) - 3:45
06.The Gulf Of Knowledge (Tai Sinh) - 9:54


07.Dance - 4:26
08.Back Again - 4:15
09.Cherry - 4:24

Tai Phong:

Khanh Mai - vocals, guitars
Tai Sihn - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Jean-Jacques Goldman - vocals, guitars
Jean Alain Gardet - keyboards
Stephan Caussarieu - percussion, drums

(Jean-Jacques Goldman)

Faster! Drive it faster! Speed up if you can
Look at the time you lose when everything is a question of time.
Louder! Speakers louder! Music in my blood!
If you can't follow me, loser, sorry! I don't wait!
Faster! Ladies faster! Shorten if you can
Look the time you lose and love's just a question of fact.
One glass and another, hot steam in my blood!
Rather burn my life than give it up to dust.

Sixty years old, it's not old, specially in my case.

Remember how I was envied yesterday
But there's a girl who laughs, staring my jeans.
She's much too young to know me but if she had the time.

I could have told her how loved I was when I, but she just goes by.
It's cold tonight for the season, it's cold tonight.

I'd like to have someone here just someone to talk with.
She wanted a child but I didn't, she left.
How could I have foreseen? Where are they now?

Sometimes frightened, I listened pass the seconds of an hour
Was it a reason to waste them? Was it a reason to despise?
It's cold tonight, it's cold tonight, so cold well, it's the season.


Games you lost me in your game
Games just never end the same
Cry don't retain all your tears
Time will vanish all your fears

Games washed by the golden sand
Games you and i hand in hand
Waves rising high to the sky
Fly till the end of the night

Love is gone
If you stay let me have my way
Can't you see you're the one ?

This post is dedicated to my brother friend Phillip Dimopoulos who lives in Australia 
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  1. Πολύ σε ευχαριστώ ινδιανε. Ίσως το καλύτερο από αυτό το άλμπουμ είναι οι βραδιές που περάσαμε μαζί ακούγοντας το, ειδικότερα με το σπέσιαλ δωράκι που μου έδωσες στο 20στα γενέθλια. Χε χε.

    1. Δε θυμάμαι το δωράκι που σου έδωσα . Πέρασαν τόοοοοοοσα χρόνια από τότε . Θύμησέ μου .